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children of dune - leto 1
I'd like to thank my ISP for kicking me off last night and refusing to reconnect, my tooth for keeping me up until five, and the meds for the fact I itch so much I want to crawl out of my skin.

But eleveninches makes up for it.

"But if we did get married," Justin continued, in that voice that told Brian he had been thinking long and hard about this, "you could plan the entire thing. Every last detail, from the clothes to the food. It would be like... Brian Kinney Day."


"By the way," Brian begun as they were pulling up to the reception hall, "I wrote your vows. They're in my pocket. Stray so much as a word and I'm leaving you."

Now, you HAVE to read this story, because honest to God, never believed it until now.

Read it now now now now now now now now.

Did I mention the *now* part?

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Um. Is that link actually working, or is it sending me on a wild goose chase for a lark? *grins* I keep getting sent back to this entry! *skips off to eleveninches lj to read fic*

I put too many """" I think. Just fixed. *grins*

Skip! Run! DASH! IT's SO FUNNY. *happy sigh* Sooo good.

(Deleted comment)
Oh God yes. And the schedule. And the ugly people table. And the filming. *giggling*

I may never recover.

(Deleted comment)
Braving the scary icons in this thread long enough to comment about your connection issues.

I'm pretty sure AIM had a confab with your ISP. Remember how I told you that it's your turn to shine beneath the white-hot spotlight of AIM's random hatred? And remember how you scoffed at that? Yeah. ;p

*sticks out tongue* You *so* are mocking me. I'm *so* remembering this.

*hates on AIM, where it can't hear me*

Hee! I wonder if Michael every got it....

That was hysterical. *g* Thank you for the rec.

Just appeal to his ego--Brian Kinney Day. It's so perfect it's scary.

I know! Dude. And the funniest thing is about it being entirely *his* day, revolving around him, is that it makes *him* the bride--and he never even realizes it. It doesn't even need to be *said*. That kills me.

Oh God, I didn't even think....


Oh MAN...that's too perfect to be believed. Someone should have said it. Once they recovered from the sheer shock.

*dying laughing*

He's totally the Bride! He almost considered maybe taking Justin's last name, even. Brian Kinney, the Bride From Hell.

Heh. The best wedding fic EVER!

It would be like... Brian Kinney Day."

*sniggers* Not reading the fic (because, dude, it's Brian/Justin) but that line just amused the hell out of me.

Okay, I read the fic.

Debbie just smiled, patting Brian's cheek. "Shush, honey, this is about Brian."
Brian smirked. "That's right. It's all about me."
"So we’re setting aside a day to revolve around Lord Kinney again," Ted muttered.

Heh! Yep, that sums up my veiw of QaFUS.

Hee! *utterly amused*

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