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richard iii is found!
children of dune - leto 1
Also, forgot to put this in last entry:

Richard III found under parking lot.

I'll be completely honest; I had tears in my eyes reading that he's been found. Richard III is my number one historical crush, with Caesar and Elizabeth I taking second and third (I have like, forty of these, but they're mostly unnumbered, but these three are the loves of my life, okay?).

For all your woobie Richard III professional novel needs:
The Sunne in Splendour by Sharon Kay Penman - this is one of my buy-in-all-formats books. I have bought it twice in paperback and once in ebook for my Kindle. This is the epic story of Richard III, who is the bestest brother, husband, and father ever, and everyone who hates him is just like, stupid, okay? Stupid.

I have many varied feelings on Richard. All of them are about how everyone else sucks.

Dear Henry Tudor (and Stanley, you fucker),

Suck it.


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I've been a Richard fan since middle school, by way of Olivier's film, from whence I jumped into Paul Murray Kendall's bio of Richard and then fell headfirst into Rosemary Hawley Jarman's We Speak No Treason. (What is it with Richard and writers who have three names?) I imprinted so hard on Jarman's book that The Sunne in Splendour fell totally flat for me when I finally stumbled upon it.

It's been such an longstanding crush -- forty years since that first swoon over the end of the Plantagenet line -- that it felt distinctly shivery and a little heartrending to know Richard's bones had been found. I hope they bury him in York Minster, but I won't hold my breath.

Yes, curse Stanley. And Northumberland. And Henry Tudor, who was a creepy asshole.

omg. we speak no treason. I have not thought of that book in *years*. my fav is josephine tey's daughter of time.

I like Daughter of Time, too. Partly because it's clever in the way it manages to create a mystery even though the protagonist is confined to his hospital bed. It's been years since I read it, but I do remember being amused that her American character was so naïve.

Just bought Volume 1 of We Speak No Treason based on your rec. Thanks!

I really love the atmosphere Jarman creates and the way she uses language to evoke the era, without speaking so forsoothly that it's over the top.

Also, it has a fool character as one of the POVs, and I love fools. Be prepared for it to be romantic, though. Richard is definitely idealized (not that I'm complaining).

I just went to look up that one and I remember reading that series. Especially the first one with his mistress and daughter and their time in the convent. I completely forgot these! Thank you!

You're welcome. :) I love all the narrators, the maiden, the fool, the archer, and all the different glimpses they give of Richard. Readers have to be willing to follow the storylines of three OCs, though, whose lives don't always intersect with Richard's. So it helps to have a more general interest in the period.

...now I'm looking for this one about--it was weird--an alternate vampire history of the world where Richard III also became king due to reasons (nephew were bad vampires or something?) Am now looking for it. I don't even remember if it was good--I just remember that I'd grabbed it as Richard III alternate history and didn't read teh summary close enough and wtf'ed through several chapters.

I think that's John M. Ford's The Dragon Waiting? Which is weird, yes, but Ford is (or was, RIP) a good writer.

Yep. It's in my paperback collection and I feel inspired to re-read it just to see what I get out of it this time. Fandom helps in this case--vampire Richard III AU seems like it should be a much larger genre.


RichardIII fangirls unite!

(trufax: I had a RIII t shirt in college, with his picture and "loyalte mi lye" on it. no one know who it was. damn, I wish I had that shirt still)

Him and Llewelyn, dude. Penman did things to me as a teenager.

I forgot to add: Stanley, I hope you are rotting in hell, for breaking your oath.

I have read WAY too many Richard III books but I love that as usual fandom reminds me that I'm not alone! I definitely second the rec for Rosemary Hawley Jarman's We Speak No Treason. Also, I recall a decent Richard/Anne Neville romance called The White Queen by Lesley Nickell, although there are a lot of Anne Neville books which have come out recently (Philippa Gregory's latest for one). If you're in the mood to read a total Richard/historical OFC Mary Sue--which let's face it, sometimes I am--check out A Rose for the Crown by Anne Easter Smith, but for a historical fantasy that meets all the shipping self-insertion needs of my deepest id, I adored The Court of the Midnight King by Freda Warrington.

For clarification's sake, the Phillipa Gregory book is also called The White Queen. [grins]

Although it's not about Richard/Anne, it's Elizabeth Woodville/Edward.

I've not actually read a lot of the historical fiction, but I did a medieval history degree, so I presumably read all the same original sources. On one occasion, I had a proper stand up and bang on the table row with a tutor about Richard and the pro-Tudor smear campaign. I really, really hope this leads to serious historical revision, and they stop dragging out those damned clips of Laurence Olivier and making us all out to be deranged nutters.

I'm in the exact opposite position- I studied not only this time period but the historiography of the time period AND the portrayals of Richard III throughout the Tudor ear and I'm LOSING it because I feel like so many people are being WRONG everywhere on the internet and I can't argue with any of them!! I don't know why Richard is such a woobie for so many people- I'm okay with it, except people keep trotting out "Daughter of Time" as the reason why Richard III is so misunderstood. Don't get me wrong- "Daughter of Time" is a terrific novel, really great, but it kind of makes a joke of historical research.

So many Ricardians seem to want to ignore or discount the contemporary sources, and yet I feel like the discovery of his body should, if anything, point out how accurate those sources have been.

I was very excited to hear about Richard III and how they discovered his body. Talk about detective work!

There was also a fascinating documentary shown here in the UK last Saturday, about Richard, his history and life. At the end they unearthed a document in the records housed at a French monastery detailing the movements of Richard's father prior to Edward's birth. According to this paper, his father was absent from his mother on a campaign during the period where Edward would likely have been conceived, and that Edward was in fact the son of an archer who was lodged with them, so it's possible that Richard was the rightful king all along and not Edward.

I love history!

The Duke of Wellington is my dead historical boyfriend, while W.t. Stead is my dead historical best friend and subject of my Master's thesis. Crushes on historical persons are, as far as I'm concerned, perfectly normal behaviour!

Oh lord. I know. I shall absolutely read that book, and a rec in return: "Daughter of Time" by Josephine Tey is all about how a detective laid out with a broken leg in the 1920s solves the murder of the princes in the Tower. Which is the book that made me fall in love with Richard III.

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