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it's mostly just weird
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, so I finally found a use for Tumblr--tracking the Mikey Way/nineteen year old model thing.

This is one of the side effects of fangirl osmosis; I never got any closer to bandom* than AIRPS, which is like, maybe a second cousin at best. However, in SGA fandom someone released a John Shepherd vid to Welcome to the Black Parade and end result--I ended up buying their albums and eventually ended up reading unholy amounts of MCR, Fallout Boy, and Panic! At the Disco (with and without !), sometimes combined with Cobra Starship, fic due to certain friends who shall remain nameless and filled my inbox with links for no particular reason, and to this day my playlists are suffering from the aftermath (Fallout Boy is the one that I cannot entirely explain though I've used the lyrics for subject lines at work before during fits of rebellion. They're the weirdest earworm music ever).

However, my total attention was engaged when svmadelyn told me in passing that Mikey Way had done something, which is how I not only embraced tumblr, I went to goddamn ONTD, which after the entire Britney drama days I swore to myself I would never return. Perez might have also been visited, though it causes me physical pain to admit that. I can't even explain the fascination, though part of it is assumed suffering of friends, but most of it is just this weird feeling I read this story in fanfic but I don't remember how it ends.

(* There is an unspoken time where I wrote N'Sync that was never posted anywhere. Ever. Like, three people know it exists and only [personal profile] shinetheway ever saw it, and I deliberately renamed the files so I can't even find it. I blame post-Smallville pre-QaF transition trauma or something)

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I'm not in bandom at all, so this whatever it is has just been a demonstration of how far I've moved from the fannish center over the years. Cause I saw some oblique references, and figuring that a morning reading some other fandom's wank would pass the time, went to look for it. And I couldn't find it ANYWHERE. I don't even know where to LOOK for the meta fandom spaces that would link to it. This is apparently what happens when you ignore tumblr and hope it goes away.

I just went to fandom_wank trying to figure out what was being referenced, and I still have no clue.

(In related news, J2 fans are still batshit.)

I did too! Which is how I realized today's wanks don't even land there! This baffles me.

Oh, I backed away from J2 a while ago. A coworker came into my office the other day and was like, I have discovered this Thing! And it is called Fanfic! And there is this thing--you won't believe it--called Wincest! OMG! And I was like, *headdesk*

Did you read the earlier Misha-wank regarding his teaching his toddler to cook? It makes this one look cute and almost--from a discreet distance--sane.

Honestly, the best summary is at ONTD. http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/75026175.html

My best sources are usually FF_A. It tends to pick up the news and a link-roundup fastest.

...so what you're saying is, you need me to email your story back to you?

>:) <-- this is my evil grin

It was twenty-five pages long, by the way, so I think you can consider yourself quite comfortably nearer to bandom than AIRPS. First cousins, at the very least. :D


MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! [moar evil grin!]

You have a tumblr...

Your name there please?! <333

Thanks for the ONTD link omg. I'm so behind due to rl but neeeeeded this. I feel bad for my bandom friends though. But still. o_O

Seperis! And yes, this so much. FF_A also has coverage in two threads.

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