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child's process of growing up reaches my favorite part

Like all parents, marking the milestones of my child's development is very important. I'm usually fairly careful about checking what normal is first in milestones (and what those milestones should be) so I can be sure I can tell people he is way advanced, as one does when one cannot tell normal people "My child thinks Derek Hale is a role model and there's a rat outside who can crawl straight vertical walls and you don't know why I think these two things are related, but they are, because you have never met my kid."

However, this is a big one. He's going to build his first computer this year. I will supply the parts for his birthday and appropriate mocking (and blood sacrifice to the board, as the computer gods demand), and before my eyes, my child will assemble the first of many computers that will one day inhabit his skull-shaped island in the vaguely Pacific direction. Also, he's sixteen or something, I don't remember, it's been a while since the birth thing.

In case anyone is thinking of building a computer, Frye's is doing something weird with their motherboards, start value 90 cents if you live in Palo Alto, with some making you money if you use the rebate (not kidding) in other cities. I have no idea what's going on, but I am beyond words peeved I can't get that damn board from Palo Alto. Jesus, ninety cents, I'd find something to build with that.

Computer part shopping commences next weekend, but he gets a portion of his computer money on his birthday, just because I am teh kind fo parent who will love to watch him spend a week not buying X-Box video games with it with desperate willpower. I make my own entertainment.

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