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teen wolf vid recs

Strangely, not as easy to find awesome ones as one might think. But.

Welcome to the New Age - Teen Wolf - All - Really deeply awesome in all ways. Some shaky cutting, but some cut like glass. Gorgeous, is what I'm saying.

Call Me Maybe - Teen Wolf - All The Guys - It's basically the homoerotic supernatural adventures of all the hot guys. It still does not even come close to how much actual shirtlessness the actual show does in a single episode.

Broken - Teen Wolf - Derek/Stiles - Well, okay, I just really like their joint hotness.\

And then there's you - Teen Wolf - Derek/Stiles - it kind of breaks my heart a little bit.

Abominable Snowman - Teen Wolf - Derek/Stiles - It's almost sugar-shock adorable. Oh Stiles.

Sourwolf: A Sterek Production - Teen Wolf - Derek/Stiles - I would watch the shit out of this movie like, every day.


Just found this one:

Radioactive - Teen Wolf - All - Another version of Radioactive. I don't know how to describe how well it works, but it does amazing things with cutting and the text additions make it haunting, which rarely works with vids like this but here is unbelievably effective.

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