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The Toybox

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welcome to the new age
children of dune - leto 1

Currently most of my recommendations in Amazon for music are Bruce Springsteen. I own one song I bought while writing an AIRPS fic two years ago by Bruce Springsteen and it was from iTunes. I mean, there's being off, and then there's being Bruce fucking Springsteen off.

However, they make up for it with Imagine Dragons Radioactive which is currently competing with Pink's Try, Rihanna's Diamonds, The Lumineers Ho Hey, Muse's Madness and Lifehouse's Between the Raindrops for repeat-one time. All of which I recommend, though yeah, I get The Lumineers are Mumford and Sons with a California accent, don't judge. I blame listening to the radio and the easy of buying with one's phone being surgically attached to one's hand. Goddamn the future.

My Mother

None of us really realized the extent of hte problem until the addition of a new shelving system thing in the garage, at which time while filling it, we all gazed in wonder at a six foot by one foot shelf is filled with--wait for it--Ziploc bags. I mean, not just a lot of Ziploc bags here, I mean all the bags, snack to gallon, freezer-safe, liquid-optional, zip and slide, colored and not.

None of us saw this coming. I mean, we knew Costco's sales did things to people, but until now, the bulk of our storage bags have apparently been spread out in a clever ruse of plausible deniability. Now, there is no denial, merely a sense of nervous expectation, because the question is no longer what shall we store the leftover porkchops in, but why do we need economy size gallon bags that are just the right sizee to hold a human head? (I checked this. Maybe twice.) I mean, there's quart and cup size, so like, conceivably, a human body (or by count, twenty-eight) could be disassembled in some manner and placed in the freezer.

...the freezer isn't big enough, but Costco's sales do not exclude a deep freeze either. This is worrisome.

I'm overthinking this, aren't I?

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I use amazon all the time to look up books for work. (No lie, their search function is a lot easier to use than our internal system, so it's just easier to look up ISBNs and pub dates and most recent books on amazon.) These means that amazon's recommendation engine for me is completely borked. It mostly recommends badly written porn.

Oh, I believe you. I love amazon's book search. It's like magic. Their music search, though, needs some work.

The boyfriend and I have a shitton of Ziploc bags in a ton of different sizes from Costco too! I'm honestly not sure if we'll ever have a need for all of them, but if I ever need to store a human head... :P

Dude, so not judging whatever you and your bf do with your own personal plastic bag collection. Not even a little!

They do seem like the happiest bags ever. They have friends. A lot of friends.

Music! Oh, I am obsessed with Dry the River, at the moment which, God, they're so improbable and magnificent (http://www.sendspace.com/file/d7mc7g). I recommend two tracks to start - 'The Chambers & The Valves' and 'Weights & Measures'. Oh, and a third 'New Ceremony'. Youtube playlist here.

Amazon does NOT understand me either.

Oh, LJ just marked my comment as spam, LOL. Oh dear oh dear.

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