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vacation countdown part 1
children of dune - leto 1
Combining logging into work with pre-vacation laundry and housecleaning is not exactly my idea of a great Saturday morning. However, Lifehouse's Between the Raindrops does help. Well, music period. For Christmas, my mother bought me ridic awesome headphones--ones I would never buy for myself, that is how deeply awesome they are, they come with their own hard case and detachable cables, plural--so listening to my entire music collection has been a revelation. Dude, the difference.

In weirder news, Samsung gave me a free copy of Avengers for my phone. I love my phone. I would marry my phone. I cannot imagine watching a movie on my phone. Yet there it is.

Vacation To-Do List
1.) Find beach canopy with the foolish belief [personal profile] amireal and I can actually assemble it ourselves.
2.) Actually move it to an accessible location to take it with us if we lose our minds and think we can actually pull that off.
3.) Finish laundry.
4.) Find bathing suits and wrap skirts.
5.) Find all USB chargers for evaluation.
6.) Select media to bring as cannot bring server.
7.) Reconsider bringing server instead of canopy. I could do a lot of programming at the beach.
8.) Make grocery list with the knowledge me and Ami will break it the moment we walk into Central Market and get trapped in the cheese section.
9.) Find the location of the border checkpoint (falfurrias?).
10.) Get Ami a travelers' Spanish guide.
11.) Send her youtube mariachi so the trovadores at Mitierra don't startle her too much.
12.) Go to Texas Meat Market for hot dogs.
13.) Pack favorite cookbook.
14.) Actually do at least a few things on this list.

Vacation Schedule

So far, we think we have a plan. Hotel and condo reservations bear this out.
Monday - Ami arrives! Dinner at Kerby Lane! Apparently pumpkin pancakes.
Tuesday afternoon - train to San Antonio.
Tuesday through Thursday - Explore San Antonio.
Thursday morning - leave for Port Isabel
Thursday afternoon - stop in Corpus Christi for lunch
Thursday-Tuesday - South Padre! Condo on the beach! Balcony! Loafing! Hot chocolate and fajitas and homemade tortillas on the balcony! Exciting cooking! Pirate cruise! ATVs! Horseback riding! Massages! Last three in the same place!
Tuesday morning - return to San Antonio
Wednesday morning - return to Austin/New York and Real Life. Bah.

If anyone is around at any of these places and wants to meet up, please email me! I'll send you my phone number.

Will finish actually work stuff now. *stares at computer* I will feel inspired if it kills me.

Question - if one were to bring a canopy to the beach, is there anything I can use to put on it to track it by GPS? My mother has said I cannot bring it unless I want to replace it, since the last one was stolen. Any help here would be appreciated.

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Are you actually *getting* a massage? Because if you're just supervising Ami's from atop a horse, it doesn't COUNT.

Supervising is a perfectly legitimate occupation, especially from atop a horse.

It is probably safer for everyone involved. (Everyone = unwitting massage therapist)

Also she'll keep making suggestions! Maybe you want to get this combination instead! It sounds awesome! While I sublimely ignore her from high atop her horse as I get the massage I decided on hours ago and am totally fine with.

*bites lip*

It took years of wearing her down enough just to get a pedicure. And I'm pretty sure she loathed every moment of it. I TRUST YOUR EXPERTISE ON THIS ONE.

I LOVE San Antonio. I'm jealous. Have fun!

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