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so i missed the memo on this one

At some point--and I have no idea how this happened--I managed to have to freeze no less than three threads and ban two people in DW and LJ due to unapologetic victim blaming of a gang rape victim. I apologize for completely missing this, but we are in 2013, right? I mean, I didn't skip backward to some arbitrary period of time where short skirts and alcohol were defacto consent?

I'm kind of serious. Three posters have managed to actively frighten me. I don't know, how do most people deal with this? We're still okay with women voting, right? That hasn't changed?

ETA: Uh, if you were posting in those threads and wanted to reply to the posters in question, I apologize, I just reached my limit on reading rape apology in my DW/LJ and so didn't give warning for the freezing.

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