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so i missed the memo on this one
children of dune - leto 1
At some point--and I have no idea how this happened--I managed to have to freeze no less than three threads and ban two people in DW and LJ due to unapologetic victim blaming of a gang rape victim. I apologize for completely missing this, but we are in 2013, right? I mean, I didn't skip backward to some arbitrary period of time where short skirts and alcohol were defacto consent?

I'm kind of serious. Three posters have managed to actively frighten me. I don't know, how do most people deal with this? We're still okay with women voting, right? That hasn't changed?

ETA: Uh, if you were posting in those threads and wanted to reply to the posters in question, I apologize, I just reached my limit on reading rape apology in my DW/LJ and so didn't give warning for the freezing.

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2013 in general has been one neverending ball of WTAF for me. I am half-convinced that the Mayan Apocalypse actually happened. :P

you got nothin' to apologize for, grrrl. not one fucking thing. right now given my druthers I'd fucking nuke that school's entire athletic program and send their players to Scared Straight, if it still exists.

they oughtta be banned for at least five years, long enuff so *all* the players are the fuck gone from there and lose out completely.

Edited at 2013-01-08 07:52 am (UTC)

Part of the issue is the media coverage. I've had to turn off the news several times when this story came on because of how the anchors were covering it. Ugh.

I read one of the comments and if the other comments were anything like that... O___o Very scary.

You don't need to apologize for freezing comments in your own journal. Your limit is your limit and that's that.

I'm sorry the creeps have gatheredat your door. Not sorry that I seem to have missed it though.

I had to comment because I thought I was being punked. A friend told me there were rape apologists in your DW/LJ, and I was like, whaaa? "No way, this is a safe space. This is fandom where we don't kink-shame let alone victim-blame*."

Seriously. This is bizarro day right?

Thank you for banning and freezing the posters.

*except for all the times fandom does kink-shame, documented in hate-memes, etc. Still, I do love my rosy-fandom-glasses.

Three separate ones. I honestly kept thinking at first I was reading it wrong or something. Like, even if they believe it, who would actually write it out like that?

Freeze away my Dear. Unfortunately I fear there will always be folks who think that way. Hell, just look at some of politicians that were running for office last year.

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