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Anonymous versus Westboro Church

Because sometimes, people are fucking sociopaths.

Westboro Baptist Church Wants to Picket Connecticut School Shooting

Because sometimes, it gets much more interesting.

Time Magazine: Anonymous Targets Westboro Baptist Over Newton Picket Plans

Forbes: Anonymous Targets Westboro Baptist (Again) Over Threat To Picket Newtown - UPDATED

Anonymous: YourAnonNews Twitterfeed for all your Anonymous needs.

So far:
1.) Twitter feed of Shirley Phelps hacked (currently showing as suspended!)
2.) Current down status of their website
3.) Doxing of all Westboro members (this link is to anonpaste where the information is currently stored, link retrieved from The Wired article).
4.) cosmothegod seems have been inspired to break probation and join in the fight and claims responsibility for the twitterfeed hack.

(Note: All links taken directly from articles and SFW and my work's system is not blocking any of them.)

I have to say, the designers of Anonymous's messages knows how to make an impression.

Because sometimes, numbers matter.

Petition White House to have Westboro declared a hate group here. Currently at 183,347. When I signed an hour ago, it was at 179K. They have already been so identified by Southern Poverty Law Center and anyone sane with a working understanding of not being a sociopathic, greedy, depraved dick who commits crimes against humanity. Emotional torture is still torture. Doing it for the lawsuit and money potential means you're just a sick fuck.

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