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i do not hate my job, but right now, we are on a break

As I cannot face writing one more test:

A Royal Affair - It's a very old story. Crazy!King, abused queen, hot doctor, really, the story writes itself. Caroline-Matilde was one of my favorite queens, even though honestly, she should have laudanum'ed Christian's ass like, early in their marriage and her stress would have been a lot lower.

Between Christian VII of Denmark, Carlos III of Spain, and George III of Britain, it never ceases to amaze me there continued to be an idea of a divine right of kings. Seriously. That's not even unicorn-level fantasy; that's not acknowledging your king? Has conversations with his own excretory functions and thinks they are talking back. God save, indeed.

The ABC's of Death - I am still trying to watch the trailer. As I have no idea what the hell I am looking at. However, Variety called it "appalling" which--tells me nothing except they know the dictionary contains such a word.

Oblivion - okay, yes, it has Tom Cruise, but it also has Morgan Freeman, and I'd watch Morgan Freeman read the dictionary. So. I like sci-fi weapons, and there is shooting, which I am a huge fan of in the fictional sense, and there's a vague Morlocky thing going on in there. Also, it's goddamn pretty. Seriously, the station in the sky--that on a big screen would take my breath away.

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