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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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i do not hate my job, but right now, we are on a break
children of dune - leto 1
As I cannot face writing one more test:

A Royal Affair - It's a very old story. Crazy!King, abused queen, hot doctor, really, the story writes itself. Caroline-Matilde was one of my favorite queens, even though honestly, she should have laudanum'ed Christian's ass like, early in their marriage and her stress would have been a lot lower.

Between Christian VII of Denmark, Carlos III of Spain, and George III of Britain, it never ceases to amaze me there continued to be an idea of a divine right of kings. Seriously. That's not even unicorn-level fantasy; that's not acknowledging your king? Has conversations with his own excretory functions and thinks they are talking back. God save, indeed.

The ABC's of Death - I am still trying to watch the trailer. As I have no idea what the hell I am looking at. However, Variety called it "appalling" which--tells me nothing except they know the dictionary contains such a word.

Oblivion - okay, yes, it has Tom Cruise, but it also has Morgan Freeman, and I'd watch Morgan Freeman read the dictionary. So. I like sci-fi weapons, and there is shooting, which I am a huge fan of in the fictional sense, and there's a vague Morlocky thing going on in there. Also, it's goddamn pretty. Seriously, the station in the sky--that on a big screen would take my breath away.

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Looking forward to 'Oblivion' - I just wish my first thought hadn't been , 'OMG, he's Wall-E'

If you're looking for a movie to go see? "Return of the Guardians"! Take the Child, and go see a film that has enough angst right out there in the open, just not acknowledged, because it's a kids film. I saw it opening day, and couldn't go to a 3D showing cause it makes my friend sick, and LOVED it, so going to go back to see it 3D. Also? Jack Frost is voiced by Chris Pine, Pitch Black by Jude Law, and E. Aster Bunnymund by Hugh Jackman. Its... hmm, fractured fairy tale, but... good and bad fractured is a way to put it, I guess.

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