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Glitch group snap?
children of dune - leto 1
Glitch players:

Would anyone be interested in doing a DW/LJ-Glitch group snap in Glitch of all of our avatars?

If yes, tentative date 11/24/2012, with a time between say 8AM CST to 2 AM CST (which would technically be 11/25/2012) translate to your time zone - Time Zone Converter. If interested, please reply so we can set up a time period for everyone--well, and a place as well.


ETA: If enough people are interested but can't make the 24th, a second date will be added here.

Also, added time zone converter link above for those in different time zones.

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G,itch players? What does this mean?

Glitch (http://www.glitch.com) is an online awesome MMORPG that is closing down in December and a lot of DW/LJ people are playing it and we all adore it. You can take pictures in game of anything you want, so the idea is to get everyone to get their characters to a certain place and we'll all take a group picture of our avatars to remind us of our loss.

Glitch was awesome.

Definitely interested.

I would be interested as well.

I'm definitely interested! I'm Tavel, there.

Popped on and there's no one about -- did you ever fix a specific time?

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