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glitch, i wanted to know you far far better. and my pigs

The pending ending of Glitch has left a wave of utter misery in the Seperis family, as my mom is completely inconsolable, and frankly, I was so close to tears it was actually disturbing. I still kind of am. And I feel terrible for Tiny Speck, yes, but also myself because that was one of the nicest ways to spend a few hours relaxing (read: every day) and I have yet to play any other MMORPG that had that much to do in it or so much potential growth. And ice nubbins, Asslandia, and sketchy lizard bureaucrats. And my pigs. I really don't know how to deal with giving up my pigs--I have a drift of pigs, and they're all named, and they are happy when they see me every day as opposed to my RL rabbits that have grown to hate me and consider my petting a kind of assault and battery on their furry dignity.

...seriously. My pigs.

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