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In the event that someone finally notices that my current email threads at work aren't me being charmingly naive but painfully sarcastic (my boss visibly restrained herself from hitting her head on her desk when she caught up with it, but if she isn't complaining, I feel I'm still okay writing short, moving essays on why I think something is wrong so very wrong are you drunk right now wrong but not using those words), I have decided that my life's goal will be to watch and document every vid ever made to This Is War. I mean, why not. Some people collect stamps. Stamps do not have a lot of swordfighting and explosions. You see where I'm going with this.

This is, in effect, my bulletproof song. Let me show you.

This Is War - Harry Potter, All - this has some timing failures, but seriously, I want like ten of these for this fandom.

This Is War - Harry Potter, All - utterly gorgeous.

This IS War - Merlin, All - I'm guessing how little I specifically know of the canon post season two is what makes me take the entire thing as EPIC and AWESOME and WHY AM I NOT WATCHING THIS, and them I remember, not until Arthur knows the goddamn truth already.

I'm going to specifically warn here for some serious, serious fast cutting. I mean, I love fast cutting, but there was definitely a moment or several that dramamine would not have been amiss.

This Is War - Supernatural, All - a couple of unusual choices in cutting, but the more I watch it, the more I like it.

This Is War - Supernatural, All - I love this one like air.

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