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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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glitch is making me nervous
children of dune - leto 1
Moments of zen in Glitch:
1.) Being called a chickenmugger.
2.) There is nothing about feeling up butterflies to get milk from them that doesn't make me snort like a ten year old boy.
3.) The trees telling me I'm too handsy.

So far, only the pigs truly understand me.

For anyone playing, I'm under Seperis, traumatizing butterflies and spice trees.

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... and you have to massage the butterflies first. With lotion. *snerk* Have you pet a wood tree lately?



Welcome to Glitch :D I'm there under Hathaway.

I am planting crops again. How is this my life.

My year anniversary is tomorrow, thanks to you! *mwah*

Oh my God, already????


Personally, it's the pigs that I first pet then hack pieces off of that disturb me most. I'm Tavel there, what's your character?

Im on there as Banesidhe, although Im not playing as much as I used to. XD

Until skimming the comments, I had NO IDEA what you were talking about. Thank you, this post was like a brief, glorious acid trip.

What disturbs me more than massaging the butterflies is the soil that says 'oh, I'm wet'.
I'm Glibz btw!

V. late, but thank you for introducing me to this bizarre little world. :)

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