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qaf and the wonderousness of Daphne

Thinking about Daphne is doing something weird to me.

I want to slash her.

Be aware that in my fannish history, I've done femmeslash a total of *twice*, and let's all face it Voyager fans, Janeway and Seven are about as OTP as they come if they could penetrate through *my* sheer lack of slash goggles at the time I was in the fandom.

Yet here I am, looking at Daphne, thinking, hmm.

I partially blame soundczech for this, and julad, because I'm starting to carry a little torch for the girl.

See, because I can see this for her as experimental at very least. Her best friend's gay, he's seeped in the culture and the mythology of Liberty Ave, and she's constantly exposed to the reality and the stereotypes. She and Justin went to Babylon together for the first time. There's a really good chance she's his only straight friend that isn't a blood relation or part of his Liberty family. He tells her almost everything. She's like Michael, but with the sex and crush gotten rid of early on so they can go from there without issues. And also, without the whining. She was beside Justin through the nightmare that was St. James, was there at his prom with him, was there when he was recovering his memories. They had sleepovers together (and anyone but me think, huh, seventeen year olds having sleepovers that the parents are okay with? Don't tell me the gay was a surprise). They live together now. So...hmm.

So it wouldn't be a huge jump for her to think about it, even if at first it's just in theory. Maybe laughing off getting hit on at the GLC one night, but sort of wondering about it the next day. Maybe she goes clubbing with Justin when Brian's out one night and does hits with him in the bathroom and there's this girl that's checking her out. And usually, she'd laugh it off, but tonight, she's feeling reckless and what if'ish. She's only nineteen.

It could totally happen.
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