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when wholesome memories of your first incest kink go very wrong
children of dune - leto 1
Thanks to ff_a, I have been--I have no idea what this is.

Check out the cover for Flowers in the Attic

The book that launched a million incest kinks and probably contributed heavily to fandom's having a genre for it. With a cover out of a wholesome YA romance. They--at least look alike? Truth in advertising in the purely visual spectrum? My childhood has been de-sullied. Goddammit.

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But... Why are they outside? Why are they-

Nope. I'm sticking with the creepy, vaguely skeletal family of albinos on the covers I bought. None of this "I think it's one of those books where a darling teenager has cancer and falls in love before they die" bullshit.

*dies and dies* IT DOES LOOK LIKE THAT.

It's AWFUL. Imagine how scarring that would be. You're some tween, and you keep thinking, "One of them will get cancer soon, I just know it!" Them BAM, rape-y incest.

Plus, I never would have picked this book up during my formative years, and I shudder to think of all the Wincest I could have missed out on, had I not already justified consensual incest when I was 12.

It's true. I cannot imagine a world where we were all not gently indoctrinated into the wonder that is sibling incest goodness. Who eventually set up house together and raise babies.

....I mean, it was traumatic curtainfic, but it qualified.

(MEMORY: In the third book, the kids noting their parents way too intense sexual attraction. I still kind of boggle about that.)

I think it totally shaped what I expected from a story. Kind of pre-gaming me for SPN. If you love someone you're related to, suffer endlessly for years upon years, until you both finally crack and do something about it. Then suffer some more. Eventually, outlive/move away from/ignore everyone who knows the peculiarities of your relationship. Raise babies, not eyebrows. Then, exit in a veil of sorrow when one of you dies tragically, in an obscure-yet-subtly-shaded way that lets the reader know it's really divine retribution for your life of sin.

And, as always, Step Three*: Profit.

*whatever, there were more than three steps, I can count, but not edit.

I remember reading Petals on the Wind almost yelling at the pages "GO LIVE IN SIN WITH YOUR BROTHER ALREADY" which you know, considering Cathy's track record with men? Literally her most healthy and satisfying relationship. Which is terrifying. Paul daddied her in creepy ways, Julian beat her up and tried to cripple her, and Bart was combination revenge against her mother/becoming her mother and was also, hello, cheating on her mother with her as well as sort of sexually assaulting her (that sequence was never very clear). I mean, Christopher committed sexual assault on her too, but she seemed okay with it?

...a lot of my taste in fanfic is suddenly becoming much easier to understand now.

She had the WORST taste in men. Dear gods.

I'm having the same realizations. Those were my big jump to "adult" series books, and hooooo boy, I never though about how strange they really were. (All the series running the same general course, I feel okay lumping them together.) SO many carryovers into my fic reading.

It's like if Winchesters posed for a book cover.

If Dean had knocked up Sam while he was wearing a pink tutu, sure. Which will probably get me a link to that fic now that I've said that.

*hunts for link*

(cos , yanno, Rule 34)

Dude, if you find one, email me.

don't hate me -- I never could get into VC Andrews. It's like, she just writes teh same book, over and over and over. My sis, on the other hand, looooves that stuff! but she doesn't like Top Gear. wut!

anyway, I can't exactly put on airs here. *how* many of my main characters have been imprisoned, raped, or both?

yeah. so. *whistles, tried to look innocent, fails totally*

The ones after the Heaven series were written by a ghostwriter, which yeah, they suck. But dude, My Sweet Audrina was a mindfuck and a half.

I was in Target one day and walking by the book shelf and saw this. I then took a few steps away and thought 'Did that say Flowers in the Attic? AND IT DID. It's so romantic and summer-ry. And the best part was that it was in the young adult romance section.

....technically speaking, they are young adults and romance is involved. And I'm still not over the fact that--and it's only super obvious to me now--the entire Corinne feeling up her son Christopher thing through that book as well. Just. Holy shit.


Does this count as getting my childhood ruined? Because that was the book everyone read in middle school to deliberately ruin their own childhoods.

I’m so confused.

I feel so much less transgressive as a kid now. Goddammit.

Wow. Just wow. I actually just noticed that Netflix instant watch now has the movie Flowers in the Attack. I believe I watched parts of it when I was a kid, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember the movie portraying an incest relationship between the brother and sister. I was tempted to add it to my queue, but I still have done it. I remember the movie being depressing and boring.

No, it played up the horror elements a lot more, but there was definitely subtextual incest going on. A lot of the long staring and romantic/sexual framing shots between Chris and Cathy without the contact.

I liked the movie as a kid--that's why I read the books. I need to watch it again and see if it's still unsettling. Even now, I remember the way the entire realization the kids were being poisoned. Just. Holy shit.

a few years ago my little cousin got copies of the series for Xmas(non teenharlequin cover). I was really surprised to find kids still reading it.

I was just having a conversation with my friend her: 'I just can't do Wincest' me: 'but,but Flowers in the Attic!'.

I would kill now to survey Supernatural fandom Dean/Sam and find out how many were Flowers in teh Attic readers. My commetns seem to represent disproportinately. *g*

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