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adventures, apps, redux
children of dune - leto 1
Update to this entry: the 25 cent apps at Google Play.

This has now been extended to the Amazon App Store. They don't seem to have a page for it yet, so here are the ones available at Amazon.

Link to List of 25 cent apps at Google Play

For All Tablets and Kindle Fire

The Cat in the Hat (All)

Office suite Pro 6 (All)

Clouds and Sheep Premium (All)

Let's Create Pottery (All)

Sudoku (All)

Symphony of Eternity (All)

Tablets/Phones Only - Not Available for Kindle Fire

Angry Birds Space (not available for Kindle)

runtastic Pro (not available for Kindle)

Kindle Fire Only

Asphalt Heat: Kindle Fire Edition (Kindle Only)

Draw Something: Kindle Fire Edition (Kindle Fire only)

Ocean HD
Granny Smith
NFL Kicker 13

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This is great, thanks - I nearly bought OfficeSuite Pro yesterday for my Kindle Fire, so glad I didn't!

Thank you. I think. I just bought myself a whole pile of apps.

Thank you! I've now got Office Suite Pro 6 and set up 5 other friends and family members on their Kindles too. They all say a big thank you for the heads up!

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