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adventures in android apps, take three
children of dune - leto 1
For Android users:

Top Apps for $0.25, changed daily for the next five days. Including Office Suite Pro 6 which I cannot recommend highly enough for reading and editing MS Office docs and hooks into both dropbox and googledocs seamlessly, among others. Twenty five cents.

Apps You Want

Earlier recommendations on android apps

For those who like app sales of any kind and want to track them:
AppSales, free.

If you like to script or code and need an easy program:
DroidEdit, free. I ended up buying the paid version, it's that useful. Also has dropbox support.

TubeMate, free. Youtube donwloader. Ad-supported, but it's very fast.

Amazon Discount Helper, free. When using, the area that says how much of a discount you want, use whole numbers. You put 21-93 percent? Doesn't work. 20-90 does. The typing in the amount in the box? Sometimes doesn't work. Use the slider. However, it does seem accurate AFAIK.

Drippler, free. News and offers apps about your particular phone. Link is to a short list of some of the ones available for which phone.


SimCity Deluxe - just as awesome as SimCity. Love.

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