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Due to sheer need of new music--fucking Amazon sales--I finally bit the bullet and decided that Pandora's predictive algorithm couldn't be worse than iTunes or Amazon, so why not try it. I created my station, added nine bands, and set myself to see what came up.

The results are threat level: pre-skynet.

I'm running somewhere above sixty percent up to forty down in two hoours Survey says, even excluding the nine bands and their music, this is doing creepily well at pulling my iTunes playlists. So far, it hasn't hit anything I've both never heard and liked, however, so there is that. Still, though.

After five days with my new phone, I can say this--this is the most awesome phone ever.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S III
Name: Dean (please, who didn't see that coming?)

I'm still getting used to having a phone after a year without one and forgetting how they work, not least of which is being baffled by this constant set of trilling that I belatedly realized was my phone being, you know, called. I thought it was my email or messaging or something. That was disconcerting, to say the least.

I'm not sure yet on battery yet, though I think it's performing according to specs from observation. The speed, however, is fantastic.

I'm weirdly infatuated with the swipe-to-screenshot--dude, I made a post based on the awesome of being able to do that--and parts enchanted and disturbed by the smart screen feature--as long as you look at it, it doesn't turn off. It's like a reverse-Dr. Who Blink thing going on there that just unsettles me.

More later. We're still in the honeymoon stage where there are pet names and babytalk.

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