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yeah, I think so.
children of dune - leto 1
Kindle Fire HD 8.9 4G Tablet


Adding: Kindle ebook reader also upgrading, though I wonder about the white background. I am kind of partial to the grey.

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I think they're saying to wait and buy the new stuff instead of anything currently available.

According to the review that I found, the Paperwhite only looks white when its light is turned on. When the light's off, the screen is apparently grey, just like the old Kindle.

What you said actualy flipped me to preorder (and even so, the backlog says delivery will be October 17th!). I think I'll probably like the backlight when I get used to it, but I need the nice grey that's easy on my eyes otherwise.

I am almost happy my Kindle keyboard broke now, hate to say it, because I love it like a lot, but God, the backlight, if it's not irritating, seems like such a great idea.

I'm so tempted by both. I already own a kindle, but the new one sounds so good.
An kindle fire looks so good, can you get BBC shows on there? or download pirated shows?

I don't know? I use my Amazon Prime membership a lot mroe than I thought I would, though, since Farscape is free and now Thor and Captain America are. Plus, I can access the movies I buy on it Amazon servers as well.

UK is FINALLY getting the Fire (HD, 7"). I already pre-ordered. *facepalm*


I very foolishly watched the liveblogs and i am SO TEMPTED by the Paperwhite screen, even though i am married to hardware page turn buttons (Sony don't fail me now! Make the T3 good; too late for the T1 now)

And the fire hd WANTSSSSSS. I 'm sticking to the 7 inch though as the weight really bugs me.

...that is my only compliant. I wans't tempted by the Kindle Touch because I love my Kindle keyboard and manual turning from both sides of the screen (that does irritate me, actually, that with the touches, you can't do it all with one finger from either hand and weirdly, I prefer reading while holding it in my left hand. I really wish they'd left the manual controls at least for page turning.

I hear you get used to the swipey-page-turniness of the KTouch quickly; I admit I didn't give it much of a chance when I bought one. I haaaated the lack of buttons and mourned the loss of my 78 ebook categories. I returned it the next day and bought the Sony T1.

Whenever I see the brilliant Paperwhite screen, I just have to remind myself that my T1 has:
- page turn buttons right where a thumb can reach (one handed reading, yay subway)
- category support, both in calibre AND bulk edit on device, which is frankly a miracle
- format support (and thank you calibre / apprenticealf for the awz3 -> epub conversion)
- page numbers (::eyerolling forever:: Really AMZ? really?)
- SD card (for my headphones/reading music)
- my own screensaver images (my dog, yes I am shallow)

I can live with a slight delay to my reading gratification since any AMZ books need to be de-DRMed for my T1, but eh, there is also a million fanfics so yay!

I am definitely thinking of saving up to upgrade to the Kindle Fire HD. I've had my Kindle Fire for 7 months now and while I absolutely adore it (SO VERY MUCH!) I just had to get a replacement sent (because it stopped charging, due to the shoddy charger port - a lot of other people have the same problem) and I am hoping this has been fixed in the HD.

I also would love more space and the camera option. I've never been one to upgrade to the new thing, because there are always new things and I am still perfectly happy with my Kindle Keyboard. The Fire HD just looks so tempting and I've absolutely loved my experience with Amazon and the Fire.

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