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Last night, I was making a list of my WiPs, so as to organize and consider what to do with them.

For those not aware, about a month or so ago, I cleaned and deleted a ton of fragments, revisions, and other sundry. Foldered stuff I knew I'd never work on again but might concievably recycle, or things that I just liked to read and would never, ever post.

So, I had a clean folder, a month ago, with ten working WiPs, several active stories, and a few fragments I had plans on doing stuff with. Ah, I said to myself. This is reasonable.

Then came last night.

Last count? Forty-eight active WiPs, including three novels/novellas. Thirty-two inactive. Sixteen active snippets. I won't count the inactive snippets. Or the posted snippets. Two Paths alone rates its own folder of snippets from me and from Isilya and from conversations with different people.

This is like--some version of hell. Or whatever.

Right, I'm boring you. Moving on.


Many Waters by Livia. Right after Heat aired, Liv was talking about the scene at the end with Clark and Lex, then wandered off to point out the fact that as yet, Lex doesn't know that Desiree used krypto-powers to make him fall in love and Clark didn't tell him.

Thank you LIVIA. *g* Because we all know I'm recovering from Serious Clark Issues.

This was depressing. Very. Also reawakened my Clark Issues somewhat. But anyway, I was hoping she'd run with the idea. Livia explores Lex's reaction to the events of Heat with beautiful, painful, brutal thoroughness. I didn't need those little details, really. The tiny little things, like the wedding dress and finding the wedding night negligee and how falling in love for Lex always ends up so very, very badly. I DID NOT NEED TO PITY LEX MORE HERE!

I hate you, Liv. A heartbreaking story. God. Damn. It. I suggest hot cocoa and splurge on some marshmellows while you're at it. You'll need it.

Always by Slodwick. Beautiful, bittersweet, and lyrical--I'm seriously falling in love with Slodwick's wonderful, distinctive style in her work.

Breathing Home by Hope. A lovely little Baby!Clark story, sweet and light and wonderful.

So. Fic above. And just to warn you, Many Waters WILL break your heart.

Other Things

I have a Christmas Philosophy. I do not buy things people need. Ever. You need slippers? Bah, buy them yourself. If there are slippers, they will be Frivolous, like moose with huge antlers or something. One year, I bought my sister twenty-four bear shaped candles. No, these were CUTE! They were like, schoolteachers and ballerinas and etc. Adorable. Really.

Went shopping. Survived. Got Perfect Frivolous Gift for sister, got gift for niece, less frivolous, but still somewhat, so it works. Got a few gifts for Child. Bought Mom's gift right in front of her, because she picked it out. A snow globe that--no, wait! It's PRETTY! And heavy as hell. And no one is allowed to touch it, ever. It's for Display Purposes Only, except that you can wind it up and the interior turns around.

It's probably better than anything I would have thought up myself. So I'm pleased as punch. Mom got something she loves and I have less Christmas Stress. Now for more frivolous gifts.

I did find the Frivolous Gift I want, and shall buy for myself if it becomes necessary, because everyone already looks at me strangely when they read my Christmas Wish List, including such sterling things as HP and the Chamber of Secrets book. It's silly, though, so don't laugh. At Foley's, they have this teddy bear. It's cute and wears glasses. I became--I suppose the word is obsessed with it. And they're ALL AROUND THE STORE, like, everywhere. Dripping off shelves and on counters and it's inescapable and oh so tempting. Godiva chocolate is all well and good, but this bear.... I'm destined to have this bear, I know it. And it's so soft. And I have no practical use for it. None at all. I just want this damn bear so badly.

*sighs* I am such a MORON.

I shall have this bear, come hell or high water or disapproving people. Clothes, bah. Battery for watch, bah. Slippers? Hell no. I want a stuffed bear. This is like, a new kind of scariness.

Could be worse, though. I could want a Barney's Greatest Hits CD or something. I mean, I LIKE purple.


Off to write rainfic. Tomorrow is Beth's birthday, and I shall have fic for her and make her smile. And for once, be on time.
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