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The Toybox

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very short, rabbits are involved
children of dune - leto 1
My Weekend

Saturday - Prince Birmingham the rabbit makes a break for it by leaping wildly over playpen fence and is captured. Rain the rabbit dug his way out of his playpen and under the fence to run far, far away.

Sunday - Prince Birmingham is depressed. Rain returned, apparently offended by the world not being what he expected.

Like, I have no idea of Rain's expectations of the world here, but sometimes, I wonder about his planning skills.


First day back after bout of pneumonia, long and tiring. While I was gone, we both gained and received an employee. Also, we may or may not be moving and may or may not be doing so with a change in our cubicles to a sort of pod formation. Seriously, nothing happens at work for months, I leave for a week and it's all CHANGE EVERYWHERE. Also, teh new place may have only one fridge. It's stressing.

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That's the first time I've ever heard of a rabbit coming home by itself the next day. Honestly, I didn't know they were smart enough to do that. I'm glad to hear that all is well with them.

We didn't see that coming, either. He just showed back up. Before I got back outside, apparently he was running like a fiend, but when he ran by me and I scooped him up, he was pretty much "THANK GOD TAKE ME TO THE FOOD AND SLEEPING CAGE".

These rabbits are weird, no lie.

Actually not too surprised that Rain quickly figured that being a pet rabbit beats being a wild rabbit in many important respects. Just grateful he learned this before running afoul of a predator or a car... (I've heard from several people who found escaped or abandoned pet rabbits that just gratefully hopped right up to them -- one said she pulled the car over to the side of the road and when she opened the door the bunny jumped right in.)

I join you in wondering about Rain's planning. I'm glad he came home and all is well again in bunnyville?

Unexpected abrupt change is Not On, jenn's work. Seriously. Sheesh.

I hope you feel much more betterer, dear.

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