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there is something wrong with this picture
children of dune - leto 1
In the last two weeks, Child and I have bought matching hoodies (mine grey, his black) and matching t-shirts (exactly the same) independently of each other. We just realized the t-shirt situation, as we are both wearing them now. The only reason he has cargo pants and I don't is that all my pants purchases have to go through Nordstrom's due to freakishly long legs. Like, does this happen to normal people?

There is really nothing like this moment in parenting books. Like, why not?

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SOmething similar happens to me and my mom. We go shopping and wander off in our own little worlds and come back with the exact same things in our hands for the other to look at. It's happened several times now. Though, I'm pretty sure I'm actually her clone....

At least he is not a she and no one is stealing your bras because they forgot to do laundry.

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