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ep: teen wolf 2.11

Dude. Dude.

That first dialogue with Stiles was possibly one of the best I've ever seen, and God for once, no one pulled a fucking Joss to downplay it by throwing in stupid humor to make it less than utterly seriously awesome. Especially when that particular narrative device was used effectively--really effectively--with mid-discussion throwing in the lacrosse. That, my friends, is how you do it when you want humor as emphasis.

(I have a lot of issues with Joss' dislike of tropes in fantasy to the point where he undermined his own storylines with that shit. It made it impossible to ever completely invest emotionally when you knew the funny was coming immediately to completely fuck the mood.)

1.) Peter is fucking terrifying. Mostly because he's kind of good at persuasive, but mostly because I kind of agree with him because due to viewer privilege, I know what's out there for Derek. I know this is a bad idea, and it's an evil idea, but at this point, I'm honestly not sure I'd die just for the sake of being a good person. To save someone else literally, maybe, but just to make an ethical stand that would literally have no bearing on anything, I'm not that noble. OTOH, the question is, if Derek is. I don't know, and I think that's the point; Derek doesn't either.

2.) Derek - the thing is, I really don't know where this is going. For Derek, this is an easy decision and a complex one at the same time, because he's balancing personal survival against reality (as he sees it), and in general, the problem with Derek not trusting anyone personally is a very emotionally charged segue into not caring about consequences to others in his decisions. Up until now, he's made bad decisions, but they were not all only self-interest driven and did and was willing to put that aside when it was shoved in his face the consequences of what he was doing were actively harmful. He was stupidly careless, but there was no active disregard of other people. Peter's not just the devil offering a kingdom, because that's easy and not Derek's weakness enough to make it a real consideration. He's offering him someone who is loyal to his interests (being his continued existence) and cuts off the automatic are you fucking with me trust issues by linking their own interests as practical reasons for this to work. That shit is tempting. From Derek's pov, no one out there cares whether he lives or dies, and most of them have or will screw him over or kill him; he has no reason to feel particularly interested in the consequences to them. Cause, feelings. I'll get back to that.

3.) Scott - you are totally back in my good graces right now. That pretty much made up for everything, and a part of me loves, loves, loves that when Grandpa Creeper spelled it out--you get Allison!--Scott actually did the math just fine on where this was going and it wasn't anywhere he wanted to go, or even could go without losing something important. Mom McCall totally nailed it in the end. I don't blame her at all for her immediate reaction to being held up in the air by a kanima, but once the panic-horror-wtf cleared, of course she told Scott to do the right thing. Fuck this bullshit blackmail; bring it.

4.) Allison - so in view of Stiles excoriation of Matt being drowned at nine but not justifying killing people at sixteen, Allison's actions are officially Max Redux. Which was interesting, not because it's not obvious, but because it's really hard to not justify it by saying BUT MOMMY and EVIL GERARD and BUT HER PAIN. That works fine in theory, but it stops pretty much the second you go to torture by arrow.

You can justify losing it and going to the police station in a fit of rage and grief. Here's where it becomes problematic:

a.) Actively setting up a plan to trick a couple of teenage werewolves into thinking there is another pack.
b.) Waiting around for it to work.
c.) Waiting around for them to show up.
d.) Stalking them on a four wheeler through the forest.
e.) Shooting one.
f.) Aiming again.
g.) Another one shows up and does not threaten.
h.) Shoot them.
i.) They do not attack.
j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q.)Repeat above two four times.

Also, there was begging for lives and screaming. I suppose it's necessary to say, but they didn't kill her mother. In fact, they haven't killed anyone. They did try to kill Lydia, but they thought she was a kanima and actively killing people, so Allison actually doesn't do as well as Matt did as far as willingness to accept casualties. Allison will take out people that are not directly responsible for her pain AND are not an active threat to her, whereas Matt at least required them to be responsible for his pain or an active threat to him.

I'm also going to espouse a really unpopular opinion, that I get Allison can't see but does bear mention--Allison's mother killed Allison's mother. She had reasons, and they were legit to her, but I have no problem not feeling that she's a murder victim because her reasons were it is better to be dead than werewolf and that's a stance that bears a lot of personal responsibility in choosing what stupid shit you believe.

She has reasons for this, I get that, and emotionally, it makes sense, but truthfully, while I'm sure if she ever regains perspective she'll feel terrible and that's bad, one, good, and two, I also won't feel bad for her then at all, because right this second, on the show, Boyd has eight arrows in him so she could have feelings. The reason in essence why you shouldn't kill people is not to avoid regretting it, it's because killing people is fucking wrong, and I'm sorry to say how you feel about it isn't and shouldn't be part of your decision table.

I'm grumpy right now about this development because it hit me out of nowhere how they frameed this. Allison taking people out in rage in a battle sitch without mercy--even the pack defending Derek or themselves--would have justified a lot, or enough that it was the result of attack/defend. This really didn't qualify; the show carefully stripped out all possible justifications by making them both completely harmless to her--there was no attack--and she had to trick and stalk them to even find them. Dude, when Chris fucking Argent calls you off because you're acting like rabid dog, you have a problem. My real problem is I'm not convinced the show will follow through on this particularly well.

5.) Jackson, Isaac - I could break into fucking song about what happened. Isaac came back to take care of shit--bring it on--and Jackson hurt himself to avoid hurting anyone else. I have no words but so much love.

I love a lot, lot, lot of this ep was about a watershed moment, a crossing the Rubicon if you will, because while no one knows if they can actually conquer Rome, that didn't stop Caesar either, and you don't get to have a thing you do become a common saying over two thousand years after the fact unless you get around to trying it. Scott made a conscious, informed decision under immense pressure and chose the path of trying; Isaac made a conscious, informed decision under immense pressure and personal trauma to ignore the path of least resistance and do; Jackson fucking stabbed himself with his own claws because he was asked something that he would and could not do, and chose the path of assuring that it did not happen.

Derek's pretty much up in the air; Allison decided, but she hasn't hit the point of no return, so she can still turn back and see where this could go and more importantly, choose not to go there. They're both being driven by feelings, but dude, if Isaac, Jackson, and Scott were too, and feelings are feelings and they affect you, but when you weaponize so they affect others, it's a choice you make and one that has no justification, and may have atonement, it will never be erased.

Minor points: Boyd and Erica running through teh forest holding hands. I mean, if you wanted to set that entire scene up to be more hideously painful for them and the viewer to just break our hearts, add a fucking unicorn and some flowers, I would have been crying hysterically. Puppy with cancer. Dear Show, what the fuck was this ep? Add some rain in for everyone and this would be a goddamn country song.

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