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ep: teen wolf 2.10
children of dune - leto 1
..what the hell just happened?

I should probably disclaim this with the following: I have ridic amounts of Derek and Allison apologism in general and for this ep in specific. Which is really difficult to do with one trying to kill the other, but work with me. There is a very real part of me that could watch them slaughter a bus of schoolchildren and think this is totally understandable due to, well, trauma. As one does.

Now to: trust games, how to play and lose.

1.) Matt - I will probably be in the somewhat morally ambiguous minority in saying that while I know it is bad to kill people, I am less upset about it when they a.) have boatloads of moral culpability in why someone wants them dead and b.) the person killing them was given the equivalent of a death note power of thinking people to death. Which is at least partially what Matt was able to do here, and I'll be honest; there's a pretty good reason why people can't do that.

(On a personal note, the summer after third grade, I was leaped upon by a girl who could not swim and that memory is very vivid. I mean, they got me out before I passed out and I was nowhere near in need of medical attention or anything after, but trust me when I say, Matt's memory of that freaked me the fuck out. There's a fair to good chance that could be at least partially responsible for later development of my claustrophobia.)

However, I do hold him responsible for the attempted murder of Danny, as that was a CYA and not someone who caused him personal injury, and the police officer, and basically, anyone he killed who was not part of the entire traumatic experience, so.

On the other hand, it is really hard to hold onto that when Gerard fucking drowned him. Which I think the show was actually going for after Matt's break with reality in this ep.

2.) Christ, Allison. The return to kick-ass is interesting in that, like before, she's responding to personal trauma when she becomes terrifying. That was just--God. Allison. Dude, boatload of kittens, I'd forgive her that. Her life, Jesus.

3.) I did not see Scott's collaboration with Gerard coming, and for a variety of reasons, I just cannot deal rationally with this. I'm not going to now because what. the. fuck.

But also, I finally figured out that all of my issues with Scott, quite literally, involve the fact that he has no interests outside of Allison. I mean, even goddamn lacrosse is about Allison. The horror of being a werewolf (I have yet to understand the drawbacks inherent in being a werewolf, only in other people (aka hunters) knowing about it once you get control of yourself)--about Allison. Joining Derek's pack--about Allison, because I can pretty much guarantee the implicit deal included some idea of getting to still be with her because come the fuck on, he wouldn't deal with another hunter, but Allison's grandpa? Throw everyone under the bus. Informing on Derek's pack--about Allison. Informing about the kanima with at least some idea that Gerard was going straight for the kill, informing hunters who want to kill all werewolves period and who will likely kill Derek, Erica, Isaac, and Boyd, that's all okay because hey, he gets Allison.

It's just, it was cute and less disturbing when his obsession didn't actively involve assuring a lot of innocent people's deaths.

(I'd kill to know what Scott thought was going to happen, though. This didn't go according to plan? So what was the plan?

4.) Stiles crawling toward his dad just broke my heart. Oh Stiles. God. Stiles. Just, Stiles.

5.) Grandpa Creeper remains utterly creepy, but also, interesting. I kind of--in a very you-are-an-evil-villain-I-hate way--really love him like a lot. What makes me wonder deeply about Scott's inability to process anything, ever, is that at no point did he pick up the possibility that Grandpa Creeper wanted the kanima. Going back a few eps where the kanima was circling around him while he remained still and Chris asked him why, he said that it was knowing the enemy.

He also wanted Victoria Argent bitten, and I find that really, really interesting.

This part is theory based on other people's speculation:

Okay, it's possible Gerard's drug habit is some kind of anti-lycanthropy thing, which then, why wouldn't he share with Victoria so there wouldn't be suicide, which brings up three possibilities:
a.) he is just that against ever telling anyone he's a werewolf, ever, that he got bitten and his holding it off by sheer will and drug use.
b.) he bit Victoria, so he really couldn't let her survive because she'd know he was her alpha when it was fairly obvious it wasn't Derek.
c.) he's a kanima himself (and using the drugs to suppress that) and wants another kanima himself to figure out how to fix that shit so he can transform.

The reason Gerard-as-werewolf-or-kanima appeals to me is that it might explain why Kate Argent would have gone to a small town with a small and completely innocuous family of werewolves to kill them all in a goddamn house fire. I have suspected--since she said exactly that--that if she was following orders, she was following Gerard's, and the only reason I can think why anyone would bother with that personal a long term plan that involved banging one of the werewolves so as to kill his entire family and this was revenge on a Hale (probably Peter?) biting Gerard and blah blah blah. It's not that I don't think Kate was sociopathic enough to do it, but you know, that's a lot of trouble to go to, and a really convoluted way to go about it, not to mention time-consuming, just to wipe out a pack of werewolves who are literally doing nothing but living normal human lives, along with any humans in there.

It may or may not be significant that Gerard is the only one who saw Peter Hale wandering around and stared at him as if he was trying to place him. It also may or may not be significant that Peter Hale was the only one who saw Gerard take control of the kanima.

See, I even know this isn't how this is going to play out, because this show seriously goes the path of least predictability every time, but seriously, Gerard is just killing me with his awesome evil.

I hate to say this, but Peter Hale's presence is kind of comforting. I mean, sure, he's evil and kinda crazy, but he's also the only person that hasn't been effectively neutralized by Gerard between Gerard being grandfather of Allison and with Scott selling out everyone else.

6.) Okay, I've tried like, numerous times to actually break down my entire feelings on Derek, and I still just have this huge block. I mean, he makes terrible, terrible decisions. He does really sketchy things. But to be fair:

a.) Kate Argent seduced him, while he was still in high school, specifically so she could burn his entire family to death and only he, his sister, and his comatose uncle survive.
b.) his sister is then murdered and cut in half.
c.) by his no longer comatose uncle but totally by accident.
d.) then he was shot and later tortured by Kate Argent with beyond horrifying creepy sexual assault overtones tossed in just to make the entire horror just that much more horrific.
e.) then tortured by Nameless Hunter Thug (did he have a name?)
f.) then discovers no longer comatose uncle killed Laura on purpose.
g.) falsely accused of murdering his sister and other people by Scott (and later, due to Scott, by Stiles) for reasons I have yet to actually understand because what was the logic there?
h.) and multiple characters debate leaving him to die/be tortured/whatever for no particular reason.
i.) most recently, utterly fucked over by Scott.
j.) blamed for Victoria Argent's suicide.

I mean, on one hand, very sketchy pack recruiting. On the other, I have to admit a certain sympathy for wanting to have at least a few people around who at minimum are neutral on the killing him issue and at best might like him for effectively making their lives less miserable. Also, Boyd wants friends, and dude, Derek needs a goddamn friend. That's a match made in werewolf land right there.

I'm not saying he makes good decisions here, but I also kind of blinked at Deaton's entire trust thing there because honest to God, I have yet to see anyone in this show that Derek could trust on the low bar of not actively or passively contributing to his death, accusing him of murders they know he didn't commit, or trying to arrest him for murders he didn't commit.

I am deeply, deeply curious what Allison and Stiles will say when they find out Scott was working with Gerard. I also deeply, deeply wish I knew what the original plan was that Scott agreed to.

Also, why isn't it next week??????

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Thank you, Jenn, for articulating for me why I can barely stand Scott. For me, this show is about everyone else except him. Honestly, I like Grandpa Creepy more than I like Scott sometimes.

Dude, Grandpa Creeper is supposed to screw everyone over! He's good at it! It's like, all over him. He's so very good at it. *bounces*

Scott is so canonically dumb as a box of hair, that I'd actually buy that Gerard told him he just wanted to talk to the kanima or something similar.

...that is terrifyingly possible. He would, wouldn't he?

I am actually too scared to watch this episode, because I <3 Derek, and I cannot see him get hurt.

I KNOW. But this ep? Awesome.

Gerard also threatened Scott's mom after sticking a knife in Scott at the hospital, then told him she'd be next.

Yes, it's mostly about Allison, Allison, Allison, but in part he was trying to protect his mom from Granpa Tigh. And I can't wait to see how she deals with teen wolf as her son.

Gerard has said he's really big on getting other people to do his dirty work and it's working.

I try not to like Peter but man, I like Peter.

Yes, it's mostly about Allison, Allison, Allison, but in part he was trying to protect his mom from Granpa Tigh. And I can't wait to see how she deals with teen wolf as her son.

Point, but I can't help thinking he wouldn't have taken that deal--and kept it all a secret--if it hadn't been Allison's grandfather. And I know that's unfair--mostly--to Scott, but gah. Conspiring with Grandpa Creeper who has declared war on all werewolves is actively stupid at minimum.

And yes, I like Peter coming back so much. Peter is awesome.

I'm in the lycanthropy for Gerard camp myself. But i reconsidered and decided he was bitten a long time ago, before Peter was an alpha. So it might have been one of the previous Hale Alphas. He's old enough to hold a grudge against the family, cause this is a freaking blood feud. One sided for him,as there hasn't been any information about the Hales continuing to harass him. But Davis may dribble that out in the next 2 eps for all we know.

This man is as good as the Bard with his twisty plots. Definite fanboy.

Is it monday yet?


Yes, his vendetta is personal, definitely.

(Deleted comment)
I honestly think that is what the show was going for with his death in how it was framed to echo the original trauma. I mean, yes, what he did was evil, but the way he died was supposed to be reminder of the horror of what caused his actions, so it was definitely going for sympathy.

I think a lot of people forget that Gerard stabbed Scott when he went to go pick up his mom, and threatened to kill her if Scott didn't do something for him at a later date. Scott may be an idiot but he'd do anything for his mom, no questions asked (whether or not he should have asked questions or gotten help is another story). I dont think he cared what Gerard was going to do with the kanima as long as his mom was safe. And as for things not going the way they planned, I think it was simply his mom and stiles' dad being there that was never supposed to happen - they were never supposed to be at risk.

I think a lot of people forget that Gerard stabbed Scott when he went to go pick up his mom, and threatened to kill her if Scott didn't do something for him at a later date.

It's not that I don't get that, it's just I'm not convinced he would have taken that deal and not tried to find a way out--or tell anyone--if it hadn't been Allison's grandfather. Which is probably being unfair to Scott, I know.

Yeah, I got what just_for_kicks from Scott as well, more about protecting his mom than being with Allison.

On top of that, I think Scott's trying to do the responsible thing in the whole -- inform an adult that's equipped to handle this sort of thing (sort of the subverting the classic teen hero trope in the process), but Gerard has zero fucks to give for something he perceives as a monster.

But then again, I think Scott has pretty valid reasons not to be a werewolf, considering Alphas can control other werewolves (too the point of making them kill their friends, family) as well as constantly harboring that fear of if you let your guard down, you might hurt someone you care for. On top of that, I think the strain of keeping shit from his mom was weighing on him, which made Melissa discovering the truth all the more potent. I think he cares for Allison, and wants to be with her, but I don't necessarily see how everything he does is tied with staying with her, either? But maybe I need to do a rewatch.

On top of that, I think Scott's trying to do the responsible thing in the whole -- inform an adult that's equipped to handle this sort of thing (sort of the subverting the classic teen hero trope in the process), but Gerard has zero fucks to give for something he perceives as a monster.

That only makes sense if his earliest views of Gerard didn't involve watching him cut an innocent werewolf in half and who said it was war against werewolves outright. And then stabbing him and threatening to kill his mom.

I am interested, however, that with Peter Hale back, if he's got an Alpha again.

Ditto, about being oddly comforted by Peter's presence. Derek, along with his pack, remind me of a bunch of children playing tag in the dark. Crazy though uncle Peter may be, he makes plans tens steps in advance, and knows how to get sh*t done!

Peter being back? SHIT JUST GOT REAL. And crazier. So much crazier.

skim reading makes me pick up the weirdest things, but....

Where's point #4? I can be totally blind sometimes, but to me it looks like we go from #3 (collaboration with Gerard) to #5 (heartbreaking Stiles-crawlage)....?

Re: skim reading makes me pick up the weirdest things, but....

...I have no idea. I think I meant to put something in there for foour and then skipped. Fixing numbering now!

I love the meta this show produces. Truly <3

Scott is just the personification of dumb and utterly self absorbed. I hope Stiles realizes this soon and just sticks to Derek. Despite Derek's stupid decisions at times, he always tries to protect others. With Scott? It's mostly about Allison...as if he has no other topic...he doesn't deserve a friend like Stiles.

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