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ep: teen wolf 2.09

Just short thoughts because [profile] winterlive and I are debating with each other, and I forgot how much I like doing that.

What's cool is that everything--and I do mean everything--in this ep was the darker side of casting one's bread upon the water and watching it return to you tenfold.

1.) Peter - The guy survives burning and a coma well enough to come back for wholesale slaughter. So burying him under the floorboards in one piece seems--shortsighted. I get sentimentality. So why not have buried him under the floorboards in two pieces surrounded by wolfbane?

...seriously. No, seriously. You could have borrowed a sword from the Argents. That thing was really sharp.

2.) Lydia - I wonder if there is some connection between Lydia being immune, going crazy, and Peter's attack? Does anyone now wonder vaguely if they should have asked this question? Also might have helped? Telling her what the fuck happened to her already. Dude, this shit could have been derailed ep three, easy.

Per winterlive:
winterlive: can you imagine the conscious, careful planning it takes to organize a bacchanal
winterlive: can you imagine how livid she must have been when scott and stiles invited all those people to her house
winterlive: if your plan is to get a bunch of people over to your house so you can release the monster, wouldn't you, you know...
winterlive: send invitations
winterlive: especially if you're a supergenius

Even during the ep, I kind of facepalmed at that, too.

3.) Derek - Turning three werewolves at once might be problematic to control at the first full moon? You don't say!

4.) Chris - It's different when it's personal. It should be different when it's personal. It was her decision and I get you respecting that. It was your decision to help, though, and that, not so much.

I have no idea if I'm more pissed at Chris or feel horrible for him, because it's one thing to let Victoria kill herself (with Grandpa Creeper waving the pom-poms of death), but it's another thing entirely to help her out getting it done. If you believe werewolves aren't people in the broadest sense, that what she'll be is so unthinkable that dead is better, then yeah, go for it, be Chris Creeper. If you don't believe that, what you did was unthinkable. If you're wavering, I'm--not sure, because you're shitty at it.

Per winterlive:

winterlive: remember, she's the general in that relationship
winterlive: and he's the soldier
winterlive: she calls the shots
winterlive: because apparently argent women do that

I kind of want to go with this, because at least that would explain why he had to help: as his wife, respecting her decision didn't require his participation if he believed, even in potential, that this was a stupid decision; as his general, though, respecting her decision would require his participation. And at this point, he's really not capable or ready to rebel openly, and that I don't expect of him.

5.) Allison - oh Allison. Before that, putting Matt on the floor? Gorgeous. He was both a creepy stalker and also, depressingly, dumb; if you are going to carry around your camera and leave it in the car where the Stalkee is, remove the Stalkee pics first. That's just basic common sense. Also, the casual ease she did it with was just amazing. I could watch that all day.

6.) Matt as Master of the Kanima - ...really? Huh. In retrospect, however, his appearance at a disturbing number of kanima crime scenes using his camera as a very effective invisibility cloak now makes sense. I wonder if rewatching would give any clues.

Also, Matt's creepy is really goddamn creepy.

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