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child and i watch teen wolf
children of dune - leto 1
Mostly work is caught up as much as it can be, and there's no air conditioning, so Child and I consoled ourselves catching up to current with Teen Wolf.

I kind of get why people like fannish roommates now. Child recently picked up a mild fanboy thing for Sam Winchester (don't ask, please), so it was Vecchio Versus Kowalski Redux, but luckily all the eps are on the server, so he can't hide SPN from me, and thank God, winterlive was pushing like the best dealer ever, so.

I get why people think this is a lot like Buffy; I see the resemblance in the secondary characters if Stiles = Willow and Lydia/Jackson make a very uncomfortable Cordelia, but Scott is no Buffy, and neither Derek nor Allison could pull off Angel, but Child and I did entertain ourselves in recasting how that would work.

This is incredibly random and unorganized, so.

Child's torn between Danny and Derek and Stiles like whoa when not telling me about how much he likes my friends' Dean/Castiel fic (if you are on my flist, yes, Child has read your fic. Is this what raising a child on LJ fandom feels like? Terror?).

My main objection are their jumps; they do not transition between scenes even a little. I'm used to it now, but sometimes, I want a little more than someone cowering in the vets office then for no reason appearing in a jeep like, five seconds later.

I'm getting annoyed with what they're doing with Allison. And I say this bitterly because she and Stiles were seventy-five percent of the reason I stuck around after the first four eps. She was a teenage girl! She has a boyfriend and does silly teenage girl things! It was fun. Then he acts sketchy and she tells him what the problem is and breaks it off for him to get his shit together! It was magic. Then there were crossbows and family conflict and she handled it like a teenager but awesomely so. And then season fucking two.

First season, she was amazing, and this season, I don't know what the fuck they're doing with her after mapping her reactions to stress being less weepy and more proactive, especially the utterly amazing scene with her and Kate talking about power.

(I'm still getting over last night's ep; I keep thinking they'll knock her out of the depression and let her get shit done again soon if it's supposed to just be the stress she's under, but seriously, she was under stress last season and didn't shatter like this.)

I honestly think the Stalinski family may be the most awesome family ever. God, Sheriff Stalinski and carrots and celery at dinner and getting put on leave and not taking it out on Stiles (Dude, that's fucking magic parenting; I hope I have even a tenth of that kind of grace).

A lot of this is because I really think that he knows his son well enough that the entire Jackson thing felt so out of character that the reasonable explanation and Stiles' total confirmation of it being teenage dickery felt like a complete and utter lie and that was what hit him at the station and still kind of is. Like, he has no idea what's going on, but he knows whatever it is, Stiles is just not the kind of kid that does this kind of shit, and it's fucking with his head.

The really surreal thing is watching this while also watching reruns of SPN and having moments of severe cognitive dissonance, even though I honestly--and this surprises me--love Chris. I also think I get why Chris hasn't seen Gerard for a while; I get the distinct impression that he's far more of the Dean-and-Sam school of hunting and always has been; if it's not killing people, let it the fuck go. With Gerard around, the new lines aren't just making him uncomfortable (for a character who is very good at keeping his thoughts to himself, the execution of the omega very visibly upset him); on top of Kate's outright stalking and murder of the Hale family (and I still don't know if he knows just what she did to get the info to kill the family, much less the torture she commits onscreen on Derek), his entire fairly simple worldview is being rocked.

Leaving out the events from last night (and talk about bread upon the water returning tenfold), I wonder if this is what actually will end up nailing him even more firmly into his view of what hunting means to him when he sees the results of what happens when you don't have those lines, and why there are reasons that those lines exist. Jackson as kanima is blurring that a lot (and Gerard's and Victoria's death to all attitude), but I wonder if the reason he's so into training Allison is giving her the right lines and a way to slowly reaffirm to himself what he's supposed to be doing as well as protect her from picking up Gerard's and Victoria's bullshit.

There's a part of me that thinks that while Chris doesn't support her relationship with Scott (and I get this, he's a parent, and this isn't just a boy, this is a boy with superpowers and a personality disorder around the full moon; he has a right to be wary until he's absolutely sure Scott won't kill her by accident; the show was pretty explicit on Scott during the full moon is too volatile), he is taking advantage of her natural sympathies to nail the value of their code into her when she has every reason to not only understand it but want to follow it. Jackson is the big problem with the code, as while he's only a weapon and not acting on his own, he's a fucking lethal weapon, and while I don't agree with killing him, I get why Chris feels they have no choice right now with something that is far more powerful than even the werewolves and on a mission.

I love Lydia. I loathed Cordelia in Buffy, but Lydia for some reason pings so much more on the scale of literally creating a persona for herself to deal with her life. I love that she's incredibly smart and while she hides it from her peers, she's not letting it affect her education at all, and that she can read archaic Latin (as one does when one is bored and has some free time to learn something; why not?). And I hate, hate, hate that no one is telling her what is going on, because this is literally going to bite everyone in the ass. And it's pissing me off because there's no reason not to tell her what's going on; it's actively destructive not to, and not just to her mental health.

Scott is probably the only character that I really cannot decide how i feel about him. He has these moments of pure awesome, and then he's like, not even a teenager idiot, but an idiot in the context of the history of humanity. I will say that mostly, the show does seem to call him on it, but in this way that I feel the script writers just needed someone to do something stupid to forward the plot and Scott just happens to get the shit job of fulfilling that role.

I love Derek and Stiles and Lydia and Allison like air, so that is all.

Child and I Observe

[Preface: Child was raised by a fangirl, so keep in mind that below is condensed observations from no less than two IRL flame wars we had over several weeks, not a set of Deep, Meaningful discussions regarding social justice or anything other than checking each other's radar on particular points.

Also, keep in mind his school actually has classes on ethics and character and the composition of the school skews heavily toward Muslim both white and POC in both population and the majority of teachers and administrators and a lot of newly immigrated people as well as first gen, so race discussions are an active issue. I don't know if I ever publicly posted about the day Child came home to talk about how his social studies class had a speaker about the Israeli/Palestine conflict from a native resident who was visiting the US, but suffice to say, I have never emailed so many people so fast while googling in my life. Ask [personal profile] amireal.

It's not that either of us are perfect about this, but his entire environment is much, much, much more conductive than high school when I was a kid in socialization into race issues when the school itself has had problems--including with the legislature and fucking news programs--so racism, as far as he knows, has always meant 'institutional racism'. It does tend to make discussions with him interesting. I can't really take much credit for how much he notices problems in the media, to be honest; among his classmates and friends, it's a thing they talk about. There is nothing on earth more surreal than critique of Disney in chatspeak. Just saying.]

Child was the first to mention that the female costars in the credits stayed fully dressed, Allison with a goddamn weapon, while Scott and Derek got the naked-to-waist and potentially wet treatment (or covered in strangely sexy powder). God I love that crossbow.

Considering the dearth of shows with non-white, non-heterosexual characters as more than non-interactive background, it was surprising to have not only a gay teenager, but a gay teenager integrated into normal life both as background and as tertiary character with plot points that his sexuality was simply an accepted part of instead of a Very Special Episode (this may be one of the few shows that could pull off one of those realistically within the confines of the plotline without being objectifying or creepy or just way too preachy about it; Danny as a character is so well established that it wouldn't feel like a quota or token attempt was involved for Social Awareness; I kind of want them to try, just because I think they could integrate it so well into the plotline). The guy's a first line lacrosse player whose bff with the co-captain of the team and is smart in school, and also, by the way, takes a guy to prom and that's normal.

(I will admit in my heart that Derek's slightly oblivious strip tease (and Stiles sudden moment of inspiration) for the purposes of encouraging Danny to help was both, well, hot, but as a woman, really goddamn nice to see equal representation. I also liked the fact it wasn't explicitly and inappropriately sexual, and honestly, I'd have zero problems with women in this position if they were filmed with this kind of playfulness in execution. Things can be hot and not offensive; someone take notes.

Adding; this is my own reading of it; I respect other people may have still have problems with it and I can see where that comes from. I like it as much for the representation as the way it was handled in normalization without even a hint of gay panic or mocking parody. It wasn't even a big dramatic thing; it was, hilariously, to Stiles, an obvious method of persuasion. I rethought it with a girl and a heterosexual guy in the same position and, excluding the social implications, it would have played pretty much exactly the same).

Child loves Danny and according to him, the behavior of the other teens casual acceptance as an interactive part of the life of teenagers is consistent with his friends at school, which under the circumstance I accept as trust me, this he would notice.

There is a fairly even split on roles; Scott, Derek, Boyd, Isaac, Erica, and Allison are the fighters (please put Allison back in shooting shit, Jesus), while Lydia and Stiles are the brains of the operation and Jackson is--well, leave that one aside for now. The only real problem I have is the lack of race representation, as Boyd and Dr. Deaton are the only POC in an active role (the actors playing Scott and Danny are as well, I know, and I really appreciate having an actor with a Mexican heritage in a show set in California, even if the show isn't explicit on his race, but demographically speaking, more Black characters would be very welcome). On the other hand, I really, really hope Boyd is used more--while I like volatile characters, Boyd's calm is extremely welcome with the current lineup of unstable and frankly slightly disturbed characters.


So, ballpark, I know it's hot in California and everything, but I have never in my life seen so many random (non-random, inexplicably shredded) shirts vanish into the ether. The moment of true blank appreciation was Jackson wandering out of a pond with an aesthetically slashed shirt. The show has no shame whatsoever; plot-related shirtlessness, whatever, I feel the question the writers as is "Does anyone need a shirt in this scene?" and often? The answer is no. I like this in a show.

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I have only one question.

When are you writing the parenting book for fangirls? Because I don't know what you are doing, but whenever you report about your child's activities, all I can think is that when/if I procreate, I want one just like yours.

Mine would have a lot of "Threaten to sell child at flea market until he gets in the car and waits for you hopefully". It was lowering.

I will make note of this, and use it in the future.

i fangirl stiles & derek so hard:

I adore you like chocolate, for the record.

I have just recently mainlined all of Teen Wolf and your feelings are pretty much my feelings! I love hearing about this processed through your discussions with your kid -- he sounds like a pretty great human. :)

YES to love of all Stilinskis. YES to love of Lydia and Allison, and YES to telling Lydia what is going on and more of Allison shooting things. YES to more Boyd -- I feel like he's gotten less screentime than Isaac and Erica, and I love that he is, bless him, the one calm rational werewolf on the show. His personality has remained on a pretty even keel (excepting that one lacrosse game when he stepped in), he doesn't menace people for no reason, and he doesn't pick unnecessary fights. MORE BOYD. (I may also have some lonely Derek/Boyd feelings? But that is another conversation.)

It was interesting to read your Chris observations! I'm going to keep those in mind next episode. I think I've never really gotten over how creepy I find him, though of course Gerard is way creepier. What are those pills? Why couldn't he cross the line of ash? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING, CREEPER GRANDPA?


Anyway. Yay Teen Wolf! Sorry for my feelings explosion. :D

FEELINGS EXPLOSION is totally me and Child. He voluntarily left X-box when I finished the download for 2.08. It's magic.

YES to more Boyd -- I feel like he's gotten less screentime than Isaac and Erica, and I love that he is, bless him, the one calm rational werewolf on the show. His personality has remained on a pretty even keel (excepting that one lacrosse game when he stepped in), he doesn't menace people for no reason, and he doesn't pick unnecessary fights. MORE BOYD.

This. I'm hoping that he'll get a lot of onscreen time coming up; he's the perfect balance of Erica and Isaac's (understandable, considering their lives before they turned) volatility, and he's shown so far to be a thinker. I loved he was the one that Derek chose for the showdown with the hunters, because I do think it's because he's level-headed and pays attention. So far, he's the best of the turned werewolves, taking everything in and doing what he does without the dramatics and not being--well, volatile, to say the least.

Honestly, when Derek added him, I was relieved to see someone who could be a good fighter and also be a good thinker and not go crazy with WHEE THE POWER. Yes, more Boyd please.

(I may also have some lonely Derek/Boyd feelings? But that is another conversation.)

This last ep? There were feelings on this, especially when Derek tried to send him away for his safety and the incredulous look on his face that Derek thinks he would leave with Derek still in danger before accepting it since he (I assume?) trusted that Derek knew what he was doing the same way that Derek trusted Boyd (notice, NOT the Volatile Two) to handle the hunters and be able to watch each other's back.

(I KNOW I COULD BE REACHING ON MY INTERPRETATION THERE. I'm just saying, I think that there was a reason Derek assigned Erica and Isaac basically to Stiles to handle--which he did--and kept Boyd with him for the stuff that needed fast thinking and working well together, you know?)

...I may have some thoughts on this, yes. The little development he's gotten has been surprisingly good in establishing the type of guy he is, and if you run across any Derek/Boyd, I would totally love to see it. There's so much potential there in that he's still part of his alpha's pack but also someone Derek could depend on and who could be a companion and friend and someone he can truly feel--I don't know, a bond with?--not just a beta. I'd totally mark him for Derek's second in a minute.

It was interesting to read your Chris observations! I'm going to keep those in mind next episode. I think I've never really gotten over how creepy I find him, though of course Gerard is way creepier. What are those pills? Why couldn't he cross the line of ash? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING, CREEPER GRANDPA?

He's so deadpan--which makes sense--that it kind of throws me off, and while he's quieter now that Gerard is calling the shots, to me, it's more the habit of obedience to Gerard and uncertainty (and the entire Jackson sitch is just bad) rather than actual mindless support? The thing is, I can see him really--embracing his code with werewolves by accepting that werewolves could still be good people, embracing not just the non-aggression but becoming an ally maybe, picking up both the letter and spirit of the code. I mean, in this world, hunters are obviously necessary when there's no legal or realistic way to stop them from being murderers, but I hope that being forced to work outside the code with Gerard and through Allison see Scott and Derek et al as also human (in the universal sense) means they won't just be animals to him that happen to be tricky and look like humans, but individuals and people.

I hope that makes sense. From last season, the way he was willing to listen to Stiles and Allison, and trying ot protect Scott (and Derek), I think it's very possible this is where he doesn't equate hunting = execution, but hunting = justice. Which under the circumstances, yeah, that's what he should be, and I like how I think he's just starting to get that.

Dude, Gerard's pills. WHAT IS THAT.

the incredulous look on his face that Derek thinks he would leave with Derek still in danger

Yeeeeeeeeeeees. And I agree that Boyd's comparative maturity has a lot to do with the fact that as far as we know, his home life is pretty okay? He was an outcast at school, apparently (WHY? Because he's ~quiet~? That boy is too pretty to sit alone), but I don't think he joined the pack to, like, assuage the pain of being lost in the abyss the way Isaac and Erica did. I think he's way less DEPENDENT on Derek to define him and make him feel okay, which in turn makes him more dependable.

I just found some Isaac/Boyd (here), but haven't found much fic about him besides that, yet. I really, deeply in my soul hope that Boyd is an exception to the trend of awesome characters of color getting sort of left on the wayside by fandom. I want SO MANY stories about Boyd. I find him universally shippable. And, like, I know that Teen Wolf fandom loves Derek/Stiles, and the idea of Stiles being a human mate and/or a human second-in-command of the pack? And I love that, too -- I think Stiles' humanness is a HUGE part of who he is, and I love the idea of a werewolf pack that's integrated humans into it, and also I just love Stiles -- but BOYD. I love the idea of Derek having someone steady to figure all this werewolf stuff out with, because yes Derek knows more than Scott and everybody else? But as we've seen that... doesn't actually mean that much.

Semi-relatedly (re: pack fic), my favorite fic (if you are taking additional recs) is (Sacred) in the Ordinary by idyll. Futurefic with no S2 canon, alas, but still. The pack dynamics give me LIFE, I cannot even. It's a WIP but updated regularly, and it's quite long. \o/

I definitely agree that we get a lot of Chris' conflict. And that he is trying to decide (on very little information because everybody's so goddamn withholding) what the right thing to do to keep people safe is.

I don't know what his other options would be, but the way he's choosing to "train" Allison alarms me (and I think Allison) in the extreme. I think part of the problem is that he doesn't really know her very well! He's been lying to her for a long time, AND I think Allison is very good at keeping herself secret? Which is what I hold onto when the narrative makes her all wilty. She's smart and strong and strategic and she has AWESOME boundaries (bless in S1 when Scott tried to get weird and territorial and she excused herself from that situation right away), and I hope against hope that this interlude of passivity is Allison processing all the crazy shit that's happening to her before getting her scary-ass bow and destroying everything.

Okay, so did Victoria DIE? Or was she just swooning with self-hatred at getting bitten or scratched or whatever? From what I saw of her fight scene with Derek he was... pretty gentle and also being poisoned by wolfsbane fumes, so. THAT woman freaks me out. At least I am not alone -- I think the only person on the show who isn't terrified of her is Creeper Grandpa.


Gerard is very much Papa Campbell, just without that swishiness that makes Mitch Pileggi so charming. Creepiest Grandpa, omg.

I just went to ask Child something about the last ep with the pills while I was writing the last comment and called the guy Creeper Grandpa. I am totally going to be calling him that forever now, I know it.

IT'S ACCURATE, what can you do?

Oh my God, I love Teen Wolf SO MUCH. I am fully onboard the Fangirl Express.

Love all your thoughts <333333333333


Teen Wolf for me is The Vampire Diaries spazzy little brother. Also, CAN YOU IMAGINE the awesome if Allison and Lydia were to spend a week-end with Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie? IT WOULD BE SO EPIC.

did you catch that time where the rival lacrosse team's jerseys read "MFH"? mystic falls high, one presumes. :)

OMG OMG OMG OMG NO! THAT'S AWESOME! I love how they sometimes share cast members, since they first season filmed, like, a block away from one another or something nutty like that.

I've not done Teen-wolf yet. I did discover Awkward. the other day, and devoured all of the first season and what has aired of the 2nd season on mtv online, but I never thought of Teen-Wolf.

Bratboy watches Supernatural with me, but he's more fannish over manga and video games than shows, though he's always been a good sport about HP cons (we missed Acendio in FL this year, darn it), and he's keen to go to SDCC, but I don't know if I can swing San Diego yet. I do have cringer moments when he wants to read stuff, but then I remind myself that he's 16 and... well, try not to be awkward about it (besides, nothing can be more awkward then being there while he's being hit on by an older cosplayer dressed as Luna because he looks like a hot Neville).

I think I want to send my (as yet theoretical) children to Child's school, wow.

Also, bugger. This sounds like it would appeal in much the way The Vampire Diaries does. Which, fuck. I'm doomed. /o\

but I have never in my life seen so many random (non-random, inexplicably shredded) shirts vanish into the ether. The moment of true blank appreciation was Jackson wandering out of a pond with an aesthetically slashed shirt. The show has no shame whatsoever; plot-related shirtlessness, whatever,

Well, at least it's a constant. I just received my season 1 dvds yesterday and it includes a special feature called "Shirtless Montage". I haven't watched it yet, but I'm sure it'll be glorious.

I agree with you so damn hard on Allison. I loved her in S1 except for the part where I really couldn't comprehend why she liked Scott. But last night..ugh, I wanted to scream. They're completely destroying her character.

Also, every time the Stilinskis talk, I feel like I'm watching a different show. Those two are just amazing. I am in awe of Papa Stilinski. I was literally rocking back and forth last night. I wish the show was about Stiles so we could see that dynamic all the time. Best father/son relationship after the Hummels on Glee. And Stiles' love and concern! Eep. I watch for Stiles, I freely admit it.

There's been a lot of chatter about this show on my friends' list (incidentally, doqz has been writing drabbles about Stiles getting recruited as a SHIELD agent, which I've been reading because it's mostly Avengers), so I guess I should look into it. It kind of helps that Mom's been watching ALL OF THE RANGERS GAMES and no longer calling upon my available TV time to be showing her things I'd been saving to watch with her -- and that I just finished the last show I'd been DVD-mainlining in its entirety.

This is really, really fabulous. I feel part of a fandom with this show more than maybe anything else I've ever watched (probably because I've MISSED OUT and all the other fabulous stuff), but mostly sit around either reading fic and having feelings, or watching the show and going "I LOVE YOU LYDIA!", and "OOOOH MORE OF THAT!", and "GODDAMMIT SCOTT.", without actually articulating the reasons it's so great. So thank you for doing that, and for doing it so well.

[Or, in other words, insert a big "THIS" gif here.]

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