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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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this is not compatible with life in texas
children of dune - leto 1
Air conditioning is out again and in a horrific turn of events, I suddenly feel nostalgic for the glory and the dream that was sleeping in baggage claim #6. It was nice. There was air conditioning.

This has been a message written in the throes of incipient insanity.

I wonder if I could fix an air conditioner?

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just get in the shower and forget about trying to electrocute yourself. things are not that dire.

Your lack of faith hurts, yo.

i actually suspect you might not fare too badly with air conditioner repair? but i suspect your desperation for relief from creeping madness might handicap you. slightly.

I'm watching Teen Wolf right now in your honor.

Ugh. You don't need this kind of drama. :(

I like you like a lot right now. SYMPATHY IS AWESOME.

If my house was cleaner, I'd volunteer my apartment for you guys to stay until they can get out and fix your AC. No one deserves Austin in July without climate control :/

Thanks for the thought! *hugs*

IT's getting cooler, so hopefully that'll be enough for sleep tonight.

Seriously, though, if it's not fixed by tomorrow, y'all are welcome at my 1 bedroom apartment if need be; shinetheway can vouch that I'm not a serial killer, and tomorrow us my day of cleaning anyway.

So sorry! Not that it helps much, but I feel your pain. New/old house came with no AC. Growing up here, we only ever needed the ceiling fans. Flash forward to the current heat wave where it reached 107 in MN of all places, with bonus humidity, and we shelled out the cash for a "portable AC" unit that sits on wheels with an exhaust port you feed through a window because the window units don't fit the new windows.

Fucking worth it. Blew budget for CONvergence and part of our upcoming trip, but still fucking worth it. We can breathe, animals can breath, and we will be needing it nonstop next week with something called a "heat storm" about to hit. Awesome.

We gave up on central a/c and use window units (I'm too cheap to replace it.) They are more economical for us since we can turn off the ones in the boys' rooms when they aren't here.

Typical. Why does the air conditioning always break in mid-July in Texas? And always right before a weekend :(

According to Community, if you can fix your own AC the secret society of AC Repairmen Illuminati will come for you. So, I say give it try.

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