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friday night soliloquy
children of dune - leto 1
Tomorrow leaving for DC, and I am trying to summon some kind of enthusiasm, but little known fact; I don't actually enjoy flying. I like the result of flying, which is to see the people I am willingly making myself airborne to see. Which isn't happening until Sunday circa late afternoon. I timed it so I basically don't land until late at night, and admittedly I won't have time to feel friendless, lonely, and abandoned for long, and also, there will be free wi-fi, so I'm saying, if someone isn't online trillian midnight EST, the sulking will be epic.

I'm mostly grumpy because I'm restricted to my credit card for several days due to July fourth managing to fall in the middle of Necessary Bill Paying days mid-week, and apparently, everything I usually pay decided to hit all at once and my credit union account is being weird until it clears itself. I loathe holidays falling mid-week, especially right before I go somewhere. It's just irritating.

Yes, I'm actually sulking about being able to leave the state the first time in a year. Seriously, I can sulk about anything.

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....oh shit that's THIS WEEKEND-


I hate flying. I'm terrified of it and have to take medication to deal with it.

Have fun on your trip.

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