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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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this is not a moment in history
children of dune - leto 1
Moment of cognitive dissonance:

Child comes in to critique your 174,000 Dean/Castiel WIP you left on a jump drive he borrowed.

...dude, I am still lying down after that.

(I have no idea what he said or when he left the room, but I'm pretty sure I didn't blink or breathe the entire time. Just. What. No. Dude, starting circa page 175--suffice to say, fuck my life.)

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It can get worse. Years ago, my 16 year old daughter broke up with a boyfriend. He IM'd her and asked her if she masturbated. She was furious and came down to tell me and then said "I do of course, but it's none of his business". I love my daughter. I made certain she got on birth control as soon as she became close to sexual activity. I told her if she needed birth control or if BC failed we would do whatever she decided. I'm glad she has a satisfying sex life. We live together because she has student loans and a job that doesn't pay that much and her current (non-douchey) boyfriend sleeps over all the time (he lives out of town). ButI NEVER wanted to HEAR about the particulars, however. But there I was, being supportive and telling her how rude the ex was while a small part of my brain was shouting TMI, TMI!!

Having an open and honest relationship with your kids is a GOOD thing. Sometimes you just wish you had access to an amnesia drug.

Why do we not have good amnesia drugs, dammit?


I am so sorry, but this is making me just rotfl so much. The absolute nightmare of it! Oh you deserve a stiff, stiff drink.

I am looking into useful drugs. And possibly hitting my head strategically.

I think I've said it before but 'Child' rocks!

ps; looking forward to someday reading said fic (I adore your writing).

Edited at 2012-07-05 05:03 am (UTC)

Child is evil.

Also, thank you! I'm actually wondering what kind of audience I'll have for a fic like this, so it's nice to know someone will read it!

*waves hand* Target audience, over here!

Back in the day, I was blessed to hear my younger daughter, age 12 (she's now 23) telling a friend "my mom writes gay smut." Shortly thereafter, vidding took over my life. Coincidence?


I... foresee this happening in my future. ._.

.......I might be laughing a little.

Or a lot.

You should have a drink and then lie down.

Drinks, bath salts, yeah....

...if I've learnt anything in life, it's that everything can be spun; it's just that you yourself might not be able to do it (it's all in the attitude)

My gaping probably didn't do a good job there.

*pats you reassuringly*

Ummm, at least you have an in house beta-reader?

googledocs. invented for mothers who write porn. well, as long as you always, always remember to sign out and attach it to an email they don't know about and use a non guessable password. o_O

in short, i... am sorry. sharing is caring but some things are meant to be private. also teenagers will never. forget. or possibly, let you forget they haven't forgotten.

Edited at 2012-07-05 06:32 am (UTC)

GOD I KNOW. I'm hoping belated shame would become a factor, but he's not really familiar with teh definition of the word.

omg. I feel for you. My stomach is sympathetically queasy.


I'm a little sorry you can't remember whether his critique was constructive...

(Deleted comment)
15, so you know, doomed. So doomed.

It's kind of a shame that you can't remember what his comments were, though!

I may never be able to finish it if I knew what he thought, tbh. *shivers*

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