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the computer gods hate me
children of dune - leto 1
Some part of me had to have known that anything as simple as reinstalling iTunes had to result in the deletion of two thirds of my music. I mean, that was just freaking fate.

Currently endeavoring to restore said files after successfully reinstalling iTunes after weeks of weird random shut-downs and loss of audio quality and noting--so very stupidly--how much better it was working. Verbally. To myself, granted, but dude, that was totally tempting fate. Everything's backed up to Amazon--who knew getting a tablet would result in a vested interest in cloud access--but seriously, I have no desire to test that. I just really want my library and playlists back now. Suddenly, those random shut-downs just don't seem so bad.

This has been a message from my laptop at--fuck my life--almost five thirty.

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iTunes' shenanigans

OK, after years of similar experiences (lost my whole library about 5 times), I feel compelled to mention that I recently was able to help a friend who had lost it all thanks to the fact that his iPhone had not been updated in nearly two years...

Because the version of iOS on his iPhone was out of date, I was able to use the latest release of MediaMonkey to import his phone's files to his computer and have hims start his library anew (of course, that was no help for the portion of his library that used to be in ITunes but not on his iPhone, but still, better tan nothing.

Seriously, I was stunned as how easy it turned out to be. Using MediaMonkey, I mean and I love being able to copy files back to the computer.

Hope that helps, if not this time, then maybe for the next time you run into another iTunes-created mess.

hmm... how?.... I keep my music away from the itunes map (if its there I remove it and put in its own section... Unless I've forgotten that I've not lost any music. .. I have mine (most) on an external hard drive... safer I guess and its easier to move as well...

... you do own an ipod?... I use mine for music while on my laptop (since I don't want to bother with all the music on it) - and use my computer for fixing the playlist ++...

... Just some tip - I hope it fixes itself soonish:)


If you had your music and playlists etc on your ipod then there are various programmes that can pull the information from your ipod back into itunes. I've used ipodrip in the past - cost was minimal. Given that I'd lost the physical albums when a "friend" took all of them, I was very relieved to find that I wasn't going to have to spend all of the money to repurchase the music.

Good luck.


Ugh -- that's awful! What program in this day and age autodeletes settings and archived files on a freaking reinstall? --I'm glad your files were backed up though! I hope you've managed to retrieve and resettle everything by now ^_^;;

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