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cnn: ruling on universal health care
children of dune - leto 1
Supreme Court upholds Obamacare 5-4

Thank you.

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Oh CNN. WELL DONE. At least they got it eventually.

And SCOTUS, W00000000T!

Yay!!! Best news I've heard in a long time!

hell I'm stoked to the max.. both me and my mate are uninsurable cos of pre-existing conditions. I have heart disease and he has sleep apnea. Neither of us would have care if not for Medicaid; we were refused insurance even for the ridiculous amount of $500 a month each. we weren't even making a thousand a month, haven't since at least 2007. This will save a lot of lives.

I'm rooting for the cost ratio to drive the for-profits right out of the game. fuck those assholes, let em go to work at burger kind like everyone else these days. they are gonna have to pay out at least 80% of monies received toward patient care, and sales commissions are not counted in that percentage, that is overhead and won't cost us at all.

Amazed it was a 6-3 decision too, never saw *that* one coming. socialized medicine, here we come. the law has teeth -- if the forprofits don't make that cost ratio it will mandate medicare for all, I think. woo hoo hoo!

there's no fucking work up here. folks *need* their medicaid.

The Guardian got off a good one, they referred to Romney's vague promises of health care if he gets elected, and called it "typical Rombollocks." I about snorted my coffee I laughed so hard. heh...

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