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vid recs - yes, insomnia and youtube never end well

I loathe insomnia sometimes, but right now, not so much.

What About Everything, Supernatural, Dean, Sam, Castiel, Everyone. Ever. - Though I can't find the right one now, the first vid I saw with this song was from Dr. Who and immediately went to my playlist when happiness is needed. This one, totally does the same thing. Which while I'm not saying Dr. Who is all happiness and light, SPN is television horror, but I was bopping along to Dean in Hell and Sam Suffering and monsters attacking and hugging, God, the hugging, I had no idea there was so much hugging, because it was just perky. Fantastic clip use and very, very, very good use of theme; it took me a few watches to get why this came together so damn well (again, bopping to decapitation, even for me, not normal). This is probably one of my favorite vids for ever and ever.

(Note: this could be just me, but some of the lyrics to scene match are, on rewatch, beyond hilarious in context of the show. And I don't mean just the moon and stars bit, though yeah, near the end, hilarity.)

Iridescent, by angelwings4191, The Avengers (Pre-Movie) - Like the ubiquitous This Is War (not complaining, I could watch vids to that song all day. And have!), this is the equivalent of Superheroes Coming of Age. I like these like a lot.

Speaking of.

This Is War

This Is War, by angelwings4191, The Avengers (Pre-Movie) - This was the first Avengers to this song I saw, and it's one of the most immaculate use of cuts and scene choice I've seen in a while It's the shortened version of the song. It's probably the best I've seen using this fandom and this song together (But if you want to prove me wrong, links!).

This Is War, by ultimateranger213, The Avengers (Pre-Movie) - This isn't quite as clean as the first one, but honestly, if I'd seen it first, I'd probably have bonded with it first, and I'm not sure they're really directly comparable even with scene choice; there's a different feel in how they sequenced and their emphasis. The most perfect match of scene, mood, and clip I have ever seen is at 2:24-3:32 - seriously, I shivered just now getting the timing for that. Also gorgeous use of Captain America and Iron Man 2 Evil Armies (Or Robots) of evil earlier--especially the second one's snap-match to the salute and beat was like experiencing perfection.

I see I am still awake. God.

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