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two weeks later

I did this under flock about two weeks ago assuming, and I don't know why, that once I did it flocked, I could do it non-flocked much more easily. This is under the cut due to I just do not want to see this after I've written it. This will be closed to comments like the previous entry.

My dad died at home two weeks ago, early Tuesday morning. My set goal was to do this after the funeral, but as it was Saturday, I kind of ran out of reasons. I went back to work Wednesday of this last week and then had to leave early on Friday due to what seemed to have been my first genuine case of a panic attack, leading to my introduction to why people take xanax.

I'm pretty sure I won't talk about this here again. Mostly, I just wanted this part out of the way, because it occurred to me it was perfectly possible that I wouldn't post again until I posted this, and it wasn't going to ever get easier, but there was no guarantee it wouldn't actually get harder.

To everyone who emailed supportively, chatted supportively, or sent cards supportively, I appreciate it very much and eventually will do more than a blanket thanks. And yes, it did really help. And even now, it still helps.

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