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this is what i get for trying to explain magic to people

While rewatching Queer as Folk vids so as to carefully select the ones to send to [personal profile] norabombay and trickesterquinn, it hit me how very much you could be stockholmed into thinking some really surreal things were normal. I'm not even talking about like, the sheer amount of drug-fueled sex; I'm talking about Brian's stint as private investigator of a murder with Hunter as taking one for the team so as to get DNA that Brian then uses to solve a murder. In his batmobile.

(It was totally a batmobile.)

Explaining the season three-four plotlines were possibly the closest I've ever come to an identity crisis. Even more annoyingly, all but [personal profile] sisabet's vids are absent from the net; I am staring at Blue Room in Archway with the horrified realization there are people that have not seen it and will never see it and mourn like whoa.

I'm sorry, all of you; it and Acid are like, the pinnacle of late season two/early season three Brian Angsts With Stoned Orgasms Like You Have No Idea (But Does Not Kiss on the Mouth) to a beat with clever use of the color blue to symbolize his manpain. Sometimes in group settings.

God, I miss that fandom.

ETA: On rewatch, Acid should come after Blue Room in Archway, or the entire sequence of repeating glimpses of Justin looking turned on and freaked out in a brick red hoodie does not penetrate as a seminal Brian/Justin moment (well, less semen that one might think, so semi-seminal?) of Great and Terrible Significance, not to mention wondering what the fuck Brian's nasal passages are made of, fucking titanium? The man snorts cocaine from twinks' asses (I swear this happened in the show once. I mean, everything else did); his sense of smell is epic.

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