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insta!rec - alphas, betas, omegas: a primer by norabombay

Alphas, Betas, Omegas: A Primer by [personal profile] norabombay - all you ever wanted to know about A/B/O'verses, in detail. If you could only see the conversation this came from.

For When Alpha's Knotting and You're Fucking Bored - A Conversation in Many Parts
by Seperis, Nora Bombay, SVMadleyn, and TricksterQuinn

Nora Bombay
Nora Bombay: I didn't even talk about the sheer bordom level
Nora Bombay: lord, I want to write a fic with a/o sherlock holmes
Nora Bombay: in which he is bored to death and stuck. Apparently it's considered poor etiqute to text during hour 17 of knotting
Seperis: Dude.
Seperis: I'd have my laptop and be freaking chatting.
Nora Bombay: I wouldn't make it 20 min
Nora Bombay: maybe an hour?
Seperis: Could you imagine the conversations?
Seperis: Nora Bombay: How's it going?
Seperis: Seperis: Still fucking knotting.
Seperis: Nora Bombay: Leg cramps already?
Seperis: Seperis: You have no idea. Any new fic??
Nora Bombay: Nora Bombay: serious. bored now
Nora Bombay: Is it poor form to time the orgasms like contractions?
Seperis: We'd have to create a new genre of recs.
Nora Bombay: I have a mental countdown for 'you are going home now'
Seperis: Recs For When Alpha's Knotting and You're Fucking Bored
Nora Bombay: gen fic, with no sex at all
Nora Bombay: complicated political thrillers
Seperis: Whole new vistas of gen fic.

Quinn: I am dying over here, I want you to know that

Madelyn: oh god
Madelyn: "maybe it's just the knotting talking but I'd really fucking like a root beer float"
Madelyn: "can't move to get one. I mean, we could, but--that'd just be undignified."
Madelyn: "you'd think we'd plan this better and have snacks nearby"
Seperis: There'd be a whole grocery aisle for it.
Seperis: God, my Keurig coffee maker would get a workout.
Seperis: I'm pretty sure falling asleep would be impossible, even if allowed.

Nora Bombay
Nora Bombay: You could just buy it in coolers
Nora Bombay: return the cooler post heat
Nora Bombay: and the absorbant bed sheets
Nora Bombay: What if you have to pee?
Nora Bombay: Run out of cigarettes & diet coke
Seperis: ...Christ, I have no idea.

Madelyn: well, I bet there's a delivery service
Madelyn: like, specifically catering to knotters
Madelyn: if it was a world with knotting
Madelyn: like, your pizza will be there in 30 minutes
Madelyn: the pizza dudes have the keys
Seperis: Pizza delivery would never be more welcome.
Madelyn: and all sign NDAs
Madelyn: so the pizza dude is like, the most noble of jobs now in society
Madelyn: it's a sacred trust
Madelyn: "you guys got everything you need?"
Madelyn: "Yeah, thanks Sam!"
Madelyn: "okay, you guys watch that hot cheese on your bits! we had an incident a couple weeks back; hate for you two to go down like that."
Madelyn: "Thanks for looking out for us, Sam!" etc.

Nora Bombay
Nora Bombay: the LAUNDRY
Nora Bombay: the need to check work email during heat
Seperis: My schedule at work I'd be running tests while knotting.
Seperis: Boy I'd get flexible fast for that
Nora Bombay: USA is behind all other countries in heat leave
Nora Bombay: people are expected to be working up until the point o knotting!
Seperis: There's just no world this would end well for anyone.
Seperis: Dude, my attention span at the best of times is capricious.
Seperis: Knotting would just not work.


You see this is a complex issue that should be explored very fully. I'm stuck on teh laundry sitch. I mean. Dear God. Rubber sheets?

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