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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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insta!rec - alphas, betas, omegas: a primer by norabombay
children of dune - leto 1
Alphas, Betas, Omegas: A Primer by [personal profile] norabombay - all you ever wanted to know about A/B/O'verses, in detail. If you could only see the conversation this came from.

For When Alpha's Knotting and You're Fucking Bored - A Conversation in Many Parts
by Seperis, Nora Bombay, SVMadleyn, and TricksterQuinn

Nora Bombay
Nora Bombay: I didn't even talk about the sheer bordom level
Nora Bombay: lord, I want to write a fic with a/o sherlock holmes
Nora Bombay: in which he is bored to death and stuck. Apparently it's considered poor etiqute to text during hour 17 of knotting
Seperis: Dude.
Seperis: I'd have my laptop and be freaking chatting.
Nora Bombay: I wouldn't make it 20 min
Nora Bombay: maybe an hour?
Seperis: Could you imagine the conversations?
Seperis: Nora Bombay: How's it going?
Seperis: Seperis: Still fucking knotting.
Seperis: Nora Bombay: Leg cramps already?
Seperis: Seperis: You have no idea. Any new fic??
Nora Bombay: Nora Bombay: serious. bored now
Nora Bombay: Is it poor form to time the orgasms like contractions?
Seperis: We'd have to create a new genre of recs.
Nora Bombay: I have a mental countdown for 'you are going home now'
Seperis: Recs For When Alpha's Knotting and You're Fucking Bored
Nora Bombay: gen fic, with no sex at all
Nora Bombay: complicated political thrillers
Seperis: Whole new vistas of gen fic.

Quinn: I am dying over here, I want you to know that

Madelyn: oh god
Madelyn: "maybe it's just the knotting talking but I'd really fucking like a root beer float"
Madelyn: "can't move to get one. I mean, we could, but--that'd just be undignified."
Madelyn: "you'd think we'd plan this better and have snacks nearby"
Seperis: There'd be a whole grocery aisle for it.
Seperis: God, my Keurig coffee maker would get a workout.
Seperis: I'm pretty sure falling asleep would be impossible, even if allowed.

Nora Bombay
Nora Bombay: You could just buy it in coolers
Nora Bombay: return the cooler post heat
Nora Bombay: and the absorbant bed sheets
Nora Bombay: What if you have to pee?
Nora Bombay: Run out of cigarettes & diet coke
Seperis: ...Christ, I have no idea.

Madelyn: well, I bet there's a delivery service
Madelyn: like, specifically catering to knotters
Madelyn: if it was a world with knotting
Madelyn: like, your pizza will be there in 30 minutes
Madelyn: the pizza dudes have the keys
Seperis: Pizza delivery would never be more welcome.
Madelyn: and all sign NDAs
Madelyn: so the pizza dude is like, the most noble of jobs now in society
Madelyn: it's a sacred trust
Madelyn: "you guys got everything you need?"
Madelyn: "Yeah, thanks Sam!"
Madelyn: "okay, you guys watch that hot cheese on your bits! we had an incident a couple weeks back; hate for you two to go down like that."
Madelyn: "Thanks for looking out for us, Sam!" etc.

Nora Bombay
Nora Bombay: the LAUNDRY
Nora Bombay: the need to check work email during heat
Seperis: My schedule at work I'd be running tests while knotting.
Seperis: Boy I'd get flexible fast for that
Nora Bombay: USA is behind all other countries in heat leave
Nora Bombay: people are expected to be working up until the point o knotting!
Seperis: There's just no world this would end well for anyone.
Seperis: Dude, my attention span at the best of times is capricious.
Seperis: Knotting would just not work.


You see this is a complex issue that should be explored very fully. I'm stuck on teh laundry sitch. I mean. Dear God. Rubber sheets?

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Oh oh oh! I remember this from Harry Potter, only there it was almost always Veela-fic (and less knotting, I think). Thank you thank you for the link to that primer, I'd been passingly confused over how this trope suddenly had an actual name and everything, since before I think we all just called it...I have no idea.

Veelafic! I remember some of those!

Yeah, I'm not sure what this was before it grew up and had assbabies of knotting passion.

I just very clearly remember some of the Veela fic where they had to remain, um, joined? Yes, joined, IT WAS AN IMPERATIVE SO DRACO COULD HAVE THE ASSBABIES OF THEIR LOVE.

No actual knots that I can recall, but still. Almost as good!

That's kinda beautiful, for the record.

OMG someone does need to write BORED!Sherlock a/o fic because that HASN'T BEEN DONE WHYYYY?!?! and OMG HYSTERICAL.

I wasn't going to comment and own my kink, but what the heck, after reading the conversation I was LOLing to hard to do anything else. :D

/resumes lurking

I finally ran across some and oh, the primer. Helped.

You lot are a hoot, and I'm totally running off to read this thing. Brilliant.

I feel more educated just knowing it's there.

Laughing like a crazy person.


From the hubby "what's su fun... No nevermind."

I love y'all. You knew that, though.

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