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holodecks used to be a goal, but now i'm not so sure

The Avengers is leaving me confused on my OTPness. I find this upsetting.

Then again, my initial reaction to the movie was surprisingly eh--this is why I waited a week to talk about it, as I don't want to be attacked by my titular friends or anything. Four or five more viewings, oddly enough, did the trick.

I'm still thinking about it. I enjoyed but did not love on first viewing, and I honestly didn't see any need to think much further. However, on rewatch, I got to do the thing I can't do in theaters, and that's spend inordinate amounts of time concentrating on non-action bits (movie theatres are for explosions and running and if God is kind, swords, phasers, and leaping from great heights). God bless Bruce Banner.

Well, I liked everyone. But God do I love Natasha. I fell over my own feet shipping Natasha/Clint, which okay, sue me, but they are unholy hot and she totally kicks his ass for his own good. I could lie and say this does not cater to my kinks, but hello, did you see her? She finally got me to watch Iron Man 2 last night, and dude, I had less than zero desire to watch it until I realized she was in it. And now I did and happy.

My second favorite is Bruce, who did The Hulk like magic. He managed to finally make the Hulk a.) fucking terrifying, b.) not a idiot yet feral puppy of nature, c.) dangerous as hell, and d.) something that literally cannot be controlled but can be directed. For what time he had in the movie, it was fascinating to realize how much was gotten across by implication and by show not tell.

I have more thoughts, but most of them are basically about Natasha, Natasha, Natasha, Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, where I muse on their awesomeness. Also, I'm at wrok and they want me to do things.

I really loathe 3D because it breaks my focus--anyone with ADHD have this problem? I can't really explain it, but to give an possible interpretation, 3D for me is like the exact same movie but on five screens on top of each other all around me and I pretty much feel like I'm disassociating with reality for the first ten minutes. It is really weird and really unsettling until I can find a fixed point to concentrate on, which means I lose a lot of you know, plot until I can figure out how to focus on everything.

Seriously, I had no idea what was going on in any meaningful sense until the bit with Tony and Pepper. I get that this is the future of movie going and everything and I'm going to have to deal, but Jesus, this is going to take serious conditioning to get right. I also admit this may explain why I didn't like it in the theatre. Huh.

Today was a not so great day, so it involved pizza hut for lunch. I'm pretty sure their garlic dipping sauce involves addictive substances; I am literally holding myself back from just licking the tiny container clean.

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