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holodecks used to be a goal, but now i'm not so sure
children of dune - leto 1
The Avengers is leaving me confused on my OTPness. I find this upsetting.

Then again, my initial reaction to the movie was surprisingly eh--this is why I waited a week to talk about it, as I don't want to be attacked by my titular friends or anything. Four or five more viewings, oddly enough, did the trick.

I'm still thinking about it. I enjoyed but did not love on first viewing, and I honestly didn't see any need to think much further. However, on rewatch, I got to do the thing I can't do in theaters, and that's spend inordinate amounts of time concentrating on non-action bits (movie theatres are for explosions and running and if God is kind, swords, phasers, and leaping from great heights). God bless Bruce Banner.

Well, I liked everyone. But God do I love Natasha. I fell over my own feet shipping Natasha/Clint, which okay, sue me, but they are unholy hot and she totally kicks his ass for his own good. I could lie and say this does not cater to my kinks, but hello, did you see her? She finally got me to watch Iron Man 2 last night, and dude, I had less than zero desire to watch it until I realized she was in it. And now I did and happy.

My second favorite is Bruce, who did The Hulk like magic. He managed to finally make the Hulk a.) fucking terrifying, b.) not a idiot yet feral puppy of nature, c.) dangerous as hell, and d.) something that literally cannot be controlled but can be directed. For what time he had in the movie, it was fascinating to realize how much was gotten across by implication and by show not tell.

I have more thoughts, but most of them are basically about Natasha, Natasha, Natasha, Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, where I muse on their awesomeness. Also, I'm at wrok and they want me to do things.

I really loathe 3D because it breaks my focus--anyone with ADHD have this problem? I can't really explain it, but to give an possible interpretation, 3D for me is like the exact same movie but on five screens on top of each other all around me and I pretty much feel like I'm disassociating with reality for the first ten minutes. It is really weird and really unsettling until I can find a fixed point to concentrate on, which means I lose a lot of you know, plot until I can figure out how to focus on everything.

Seriously, I had no idea what was going on in any meaningful sense until the bit with Tony and Pepper. I get that this is the future of movie going and everything and I'm going to have to deal, but Jesus, this is going to take serious conditioning to get right. I also admit this may explain why I didn't like it in the theatre. Huh.

Today was a not so great day, so it involved pizza hut for lunch. I'm pretty sure their garlic dipping sauce involves addictive substances; I am literally holding myself back from just licking the tiny container clean.

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I've only seen it once and so I have many thoughts, but they are not yet valid, but OH MAN NATASHA.


Dear internet: bring me ALLLLL THE SHIELD BLACK OPS FIC IN THE LAND. I want hundreds of thousands of words of Natasha & Barton & Coulson in various permutations including not fucking just kicking ALL THE ASS FOREVER.

Thank you & goodnight.

Seconded. Chop chop, Jen. Your people are counting on you.


I hate 3D.



*high fives on 3D*

Fred's colourblind and 3D gives me migraines--I say that without hyperbole--so, I hate 3D and avoid it whenever possible. I've also never seen a movie made better by it. I've seen movies made stupid by it. The "look at me moving unnaturally and stupidly for the 3D effects, breaking the fourth wall and being irritating" stuff isn't really impressive.

Something is wrong with how I process images or something, I think. People seem to like, get right into it and I'm still trying to make my eyes focus on something well enough to see it, much less follow the action. God, its' annoying.

I can't even look, half the time. When I took Trina to the aquarium in boston, they had the 3D IMAX fish thing. I watched it with my eyes closed because otherwise my eyes hurt.

Hear, hear, and totally hear.

thinky thoughts: I still haven't been able to really articulate mine. I DID love on first viewing, and even more so on second, but I'm not so good at, like, analysis and shit.

THAT SAID, yeah, Bruce and Natasha stole the film, I think. and I'm in the process of plotting out a Natasha/Clint story, which surprised the shit out of me, because I've been shipping Clint with Coulson all spring. WEIRD. but very very good.

I have migraines that are easily triggered by visual things, so I have avoided the new wave of 3D like the plague. I may be missing an experience? but I'd rather not spend the rest of the evening after a movie yarfing my popcorn because I'm in pain. it really worries me that at some point the traditional film experience may no longer be available. :\

I LOATHE 3D movies. I paid mega bucks for the super awesome (ha) 3D IMAX version of Avatar, and had to leave five minutes into the movie, pausing only long enough to vomit twice on my way out of the theatre. Those trash bins in the hallways are MAGICAL. Also, ushers hate me.

This movie managed to do two things I didn't think possible- 1)Make me like the Hulk, and 2)Make me like Mark Ruffalo.

I paid mega bucks for the super awesome (ha) 3D IMAX version of Avatar, and had to leave five minutes into the movie, pausing only long enough to vomit twice on my way out of the theatre.

This is me. My dad and I went on a lark and he ended up having to haul my ass back out to the front for a refund. Thinking about it makes me ill.

Me too. I still haven't seen Avatar, in any form.

As I think EW said, the movie finally figured out how to "do" The Hulk in a movie--make him NOT the main character. That one line of Bruce's near the end ("The secret is that I'm ALWAYS angry") was really well done.

Go ahead, it's Friday, lick the container!

I've never actually seen a movie at the theater in 3D - I refuse. I know I'd get motion sick and yarfing in the middle of a theater is frowned upon.

I endorse your Bruce and Natasha thoughts. Strongly.

ETA: either I saw the use of "yarfing" earlier and subconsciously went with it, or we both picked the identical funny term for vomit. Heh.

Edited at 2012-05-11 08:39 pm (UTC)

I despise 3D as well. For one, the glasses are incredibly annoying when you're already wearing glasses. I have fairly heavy glasses to begin with, since I've got such a high negative dioptre number, so the damn things add weight and keep slipping. It's both aggravating and uncomfortable.

Also, I don't really see how it enhances the movie. Whenever possible, I try to avoid 3D, but with the Avengers, there was no escaping it (no 2D showing any-bloody-where), which ultimately led, for me, to not being able to enjoy the movie as much as I would have thought I would.
So, long comment short: I'm with you. It's annoying. Do. Not. Want.

there's a reason i don't watch avenger in 3D. it distract me and nothing good can be said about 3D glasses. they. are. annoying. Luckily they have Avenger in 2D here

Natasha has MOVES, like UNF move your body, girl~moves. I love her interaction with clint (yes, I do ship em now, and I don't normally ship het). and her fake-cry to loki, and trying to calm Hulk~~ I'm happy she has some awesome screen time.

....i also ship bruce x tony. they're speaking ENGLISH! #lovesGEEKs

... but this is just movie-verse talking i think XD

Bruce was fantastic.

I saw it in 2D at the cinema. There was no need for 3D at all - there never is!

Yes, Natasha. Yes, Bruce.

My son (who does some film stuff) does not respect 3-D. He said the Avengers and most of the blockbuster type movies do the 3-D in post-production. One of the exceptions is Avatar, which was made to be 3-D from the beginning. I don't know exactly what that means, except he seems to be implying that 3-D can be better than it is if they only work at it. He also has ADD, but modern movies are one of the things he finds easy to focus on.

I am choosing to see this in 2D tonight. I choose to see everything in 2D if at all possible. I have yet to see a film that actually GAINS from being in 3D.

3D is horrible for me UNLESS the movie is animated. then it's okay. but i did totally go to the 2D version, because.


I can't see any 3D I've yet tried; only way my brain can do this is with those stereo-opticon viewing lenses, like you used to look at satellite imagery in the days before google-earth came along. or to look at mold colonies in the bio lab. I have migraines and an uncorrected lazy eye, and am also very short-sighted so already wear heavy glasses. no thanks. even the old-time red/green stuff doesn't work for me.

it doesn't make me yark, but not being able to see anything in focus really pisses me off. fortunately the theatre out here hasn't installed 3D yet and am hoping they never do, since it wouldn't do me any good.

I think there's been some negative pushback on 3D--Thor only opened on one 2D screen in Manhattan. Avengers was on a bunch of 2D screens. I think there are a lot of people who really dislike 3D. (It gives me a headache and I've never felt it added anything.) But even if I majority of customers hate it, the theaters make so much more on 3D tickets, it's going to be the majority of screens going forward.

3D doesn't do anything for me but I don't see the point. I want good plots and characters, not gimmicks.

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