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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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avengers yay!
children of dune - leto 1
Avengers midnight showing with Child tonight! School is every day, but midnight showings are forever = geek parenting 101.

In honor of Avengers: 6 Ways Iron Man Is Objectively Better Than Batman complete with fairly traumating pic of poor, poor Captain America. Dear God, why.

6 Classic Kids Shows Secretly Set in Nightmarish Universes

I have never felt less hopeful for the future. I mean, even Scooby. Even Scooby.

For anyone interested in upgrading to an SSD, Newegg has OCZ Agility, 120 GB on sale for $114 ($99 after MIR). I'm only using a little more than half of mine for my OS and all my programs and program settings, so if you use two hard drives, this is a primary will totally change your life.

For reference, this is the model I ordered for svmadelyn and for my server to take over as primary hard drive. Server is also getting a major RAM upgrade finally before I upgrade the OS sometime this month due to weird speed problems I've been having.

I feel very good about the world atm.

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ahaha I was SOOOO tempted to go tonight, but I have to get up at O'Dark Thirty for work and can't slack tomorrow, so weekend it is for us...

argh the wait is interminable.


there's a companion pic to the cap one where he's completely naked and has a TINY dick (re: doping...) THAT is even more traumatizing!

Sure, if they were stripped naked and locked in a room, Bruce would utterly dominate Tony, but if that's what you want to see, there are websites you can go to.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the traumatizing Cap pic was by Quitely (looks like his hideous style, anyway), who had a lot to do with me not having read The Authority past the first TPB or two (though mainly I bailed when Warren Ellis was no longer writing it). I've reached the point of not only acknowledging I really want to be reading up on Marvel back issues for the main Avengers but actually having sprung for the digital subscription. What I don't have is a lot of time to sit in front of the computer at home actually reading. (Having the house AC being out and me being reluctant to A) spend that much time in my sweltering bedroom and B) turn my computer on during the heat of the afternoon and early evening really isn't helping me with that.)

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