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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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it's sort of like this
children of dune - leto 1

Friday I discovered that our sharepoint individual sites at work have their own wiki-esque thing, where one can paste in entire Excel test scripts and create tags for them. To say that was the best thing to happen to me since January says something.

Okay, almost the best. Third best, let's say.

The second best thing was that this build is over and the next build is light. To combat this, the next build is light because the build after that one is going to be like this one, and God help me, I am going to be testing the arrival of IE 8 as the state browser of choice for eligibility programs.

Note about the wiki, however; my supervisor wandered over and I excitedly showed her wikiness, because I've really wanted a way to organize the last four years of tests and yeah, this will take a while. She stared at it and then at me.

Her: Will people see this?

Me: No? *realization* Oh, no, I'm not blogging on this. This is to organize my tests.

(Note: there is also a sharepoint blog for each employee. Hilarious.)

Her: You're sure?

Me: If I blogged under my name in public, I'd be nice.

Her: I've read your defects. They're also public in the agency.

Me: No, no worries; when I blog in public, I never do it under my real name.

As you can probably guess, everyone felt so much better hearing that.


So far this morning svmadelyn has been receiving offerings of depressing CNN news from me in lieu of staring at the wall vibrating with impatience.

I've felt super distracted for a few days, and I can't really explain why except for the fact I apparently skipped out about a week of thyroid medication somehow, which even for me is strange, because--and if you have a thyroid condition, you know this--going off for too long is like an instantaneous attack of Famine combined with the attention skillsets of a magpie and hard insomnia fighting the good fight against wanting to sleep all the time.

Okay, that last part is new; I didn't know my body could do that, or do it so bizarrely, combining periods of half-sleep with unbearable awakeness with some kind of near-coma that covers a period of time long enough and still enough to wake up with everything--and I do mean everything--hurting, especially my back.

It's not that I have ever modeled healthy sleep patterns--my very first bout of depression in my teens means I still don't trust sleep entirely and I'm not even going to pretend at least half my insomnia problem is pretty much entirely subconsciously training myself to ignore it until I can't anymore.

I'm saying, I feel very, very weird.

So Yeah

So this is going to be very cute, so I need you to brace yourselves before clicking. Because it's been four years, okay, and I can do this.

Birmingham and Rain

Prince Birmingham of Malaysia

The white one is Prince Birmingham of Malaysia, the grey one is Rain. Yes, the white one is mine and I'll be honest with you, that's not the name I had in mind, but every so often--you know how you can get all stubborn at random without knowing why? It was a thing with my mother. Don't ask.

Yeah, I call him Birmy.

The short version of this story is, I woke up to one (1) Child, one (1) niece, and one (1) blanket held by niece holding two (2) rabbits last weekend. Apparently, one of them was mine. How this series of events occurred is unclear to pretty much everyone involved, including me because seriously, what the hell.

Here is what little I have worked out from three (3) interviews of two (2) sisters and my mother: Birmy and Rain were hand raised by a minister in a church Somewhere in Austin (apparently, no one knows the exact location of this God-sanctioned rabbit paradise; they also have no clue why they bought them, so just--go with it). Birmy has longish hair and very tiny ears and is really, really young, being just about the size of my hand.

He has yet to scratch, bite, suffocate, or try to kill me in various rabbit-related ways, and I cannot swear to this, but the little fucker purrs when I pet him and then he snuggles. There was a period of time last night he and Rain curled up between my neck and chin on a blanket, sat on my hand, and groomed me hopefully before dozing off, loose-limbed and trusting and furry. I mean, I almost forgot the last time I let a rabbit near my throat, that's how freaked out I am by all this rabbit affection (hint: terror). They enjoy being hand-fed. I kind of get the impression they don't see any reason to feed themselves if someone's willing to do it for them, actually.

The two of them find dogs boring (dogs bark; Rain snorts and Birmy looks contemptuous), enjoy exploratory running, and climbing onto people's shoulders when being carried to observe the world and get really impatient if you don't get with the program and get a hand under their asses for support.

Interesting note: you do not forget your rabbit salads, apparently. After a week of pellets cut with fresh vegetables and water and some fruit so I could see how they were eating, I'm comfortable enough that they've transitioned into pet life to hit Central Market like the wrath of God for organic lettuces and hits of kale and greens and restart the entire Rabbit Feeding production. I don't even have anything anymore from before except my books, so I've been trying to make lists of what they need and what they will want to play with and trying not to panic.

I'm just so confused. See tag if you need context. I'm also terrified and nauseated and I have no idea if this is a good idea. Tag for context on that, too.

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Omg. BIRMY. ::hugs you::

I do not believe your cuteness warning was adequate for This Much cuteness. :) Birmy is ALL of teh adorable!



The cute overrunneth.

My daughter's guinea pigs want to steal your bunnies' salad, ok? They think kale is yummy...

Yep, off topic here, bit just to let you know that yur efforts to archive/repost stuff at AO3 are really appreciated. Any chance of Truth is a Whisper", Merlin/Arthur fic being up there soon? I know, but I noticed it wasn't there and had to just request pretty plz? Xx

Got it, many thanks for the effort you've put into the archiving. Reading in a solid format and e-format really appreciated.

Oh bunnies! Having read through the tags for context....YOU CAN TOTALLY DO IT!!! And if my bunny curled up into my neck and purred, I would probably explode from happiness/confusion myself, so understood.

Sorry. Bun is far exceeding expectations of cute intake. I must now make loud squeaking sounds as I point.

Awww!!! I had an awesome pet rabbit when I was young and I swear to god that she was as smart as my dogs.

Oh, what darlings! I've not had any rabbits from babyhood (being one cast-off from my sister and a pair from the local rescue) so I've never been able to give them a proper snuggly upbringing and have to just be thrilled when I get them to approach me voluntarily for attention (or at least not flee at my approach). Lots of treats help, of course. (They even come up to Mom when she comes out of the kitchen, hoping to mooch, and she's not a big fan of them but she'll give them toast crusts.)

I had to get a list of low-calcium rabbit greens last year when Marvin started having bladder sludge issues, and he still is, and possibly mustard greens shouldn't have been on the low-calcium list but maybe it's just that he's at least eight years old. (Possibly older -- the "N04" tattoo on his ear means he was at a minimum neutering age in 2004, but there's no telling how old he actually was at the time.) It kind of limited what I could be feeding them alongside their hay -- and then there's the thing where at the same time last year Marvin was getting poopy butt because of changing his diet around for what I could afford to buy three times as much of (what with bringing home a new bunny twice his size after a year of only having had little Marvin to feed lettuce too) and then changing it again to cut out the calcium. So the upshot is that I've got a short list of what I'll buy for them and I have to keep an eye on his rear and periodically wash his hiney in the bathroom sink or even give him a trimming to keep him from getting mats on his tail.

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