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Kindle Fire and Skifra - all your streaming needs

Okay, finished prelim testing. This'll be a snap. No, really.

Amazon Store
1.) Click on Apps->Store. Search for Skifta. Download it.
2.) Click Open.

1.) You get a screen with 1, 2, 3. You'll get this choice every time to decide what you want to connect to. Just connect with something and stream!

1.) Windows 7 - Media Player - Open Windows Explorer, click on Network. Under Media Devices, you should see "[your name] Amazon Kindle Fire". If you click on it, you can opne it up in Media Player and play files!
2.) Windows 7 - VLC - Open VLC and navigate to View->Playlist. Under Local Network, click on UPnP. Your server should show up there and you can play music and media.

So that was surprisingly easy.

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