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Kindle Fire and Moboplayer - many formats, so little time
children of dune - leto 1
Mobo Player

So there is finally an Android app I can run that plays avi and wmv! (Yes, wmv, so not kidding.)

Moboplayer - For Android Devices - For Kindle Fire. Tested with .avi and .wmv files.

For Kindle, this may be complicated, so please follow these instructions precisely.

On your Kindle Fire Settings
1.) Go to Settings.
2.) Go to Device.
3.) Allow Installation of Applications - change to yes

In your Kindle Browser
1.) Go to the link above on your Kindle Fire browser.
2.) Click on this file: MoboPlayer 1.2.179.apk.
3.) Download it from rapidshare.
4.) Agree to install it.

Add Video to Kindle
This assumes you do not use ES File Manager; if you do, then just transfer directly.
1.) Hook up your kindle fire to your computer and transfer one avi and one wmv. I used two older SPN vids, but damned if I know where they came from.
2.) For testing purposes, grab one wmv and one avi file and add to your Kindle Video folder.
3.) Disconnect Kindle from computer.

1.) Go to Apps->Moboplayer
2.) Open it.
3.) It's going to ask to scan. Let it do that.
4.) It should show a list of videos. DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING.
5.) A menu shows at the bottom. Click on the icon that is three dots (...).
6.) Choose settings.
7.) Scroll to Playback.
8.) Checkmark 'Default Using Soft-Decoding.'
9.) Click back.
10.) Now choose an avi or wmv and play.

I've uploaded a zip file with the vids I tested with for baseline. Download it onto your computer and add to your Kindle.

Link to Test Vids: Test Folder

The following extensions work:
1.) .avi
2.) .rmvb
3.) .wmv
4.) .flv
5.) .mpg
6.) .mp4
7.) .mkv
8.) .divx
9.) .rm
10.) .mpeg
11.) .mp4v

The following do not (yet):
1.) .ram
2.) .mov

It's supposed to be DLNA able, but aVia is also DLNA able and will share with all yoru Android devices. More on that when I've tested it.


If you are using the Calibre extension and it seems to be giving you the title Hide this banner for eveyrhting at AO3, yeah I know, it's the X-Path pickup of the first match. If no one has a temp fix for it (TELL ME!) I'll be trying to work on one tonight. Python is not my language, but I did manage to get it to recognize Relationship custom column in Calibre and populate it, so I feel brave.

ETA: Extension .mp4v also works.

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If you happen to find out what it takes for ram and mov, please tell me. I'm testing on my Asus to see if the codec pack I had to download will make a difference now.

Thank you so much for the tip and the detailed instructions, you're a lifesaver!

So is there a way to dl fic direct from A03 without putting it through calibre? Cause when I try just to do a mobi dl my kindle fire won't open it - also, the save destination is unclear. Any wisdom?

After you download the mobi file, it goes to the Downloads folder. The easiest way to move it is to install ES File Manager, then use that to go to the Downloads folder, copy the file, then go to the Books Folder and paste the file in there. Restart your Kindle and it will show up in teh Books folder.

I never knew the Kindle could be so complicated.

Oh, that's awesome, thanks for pointing that out!

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