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a statement of intent
children of dune - leto 1
Wow, so this is something I never thought I'd have to say:

Do not post anti-choice, pro-verbal-torture bullshit as a comment in my journal. It will not be responded to and it will be screened and/or deleted.

Also, fuck yourself.

In the spirit of that, from my earlier entry:

[profile] synedochic - Fundraising for Texas Planned Parenthood -- with a twist - syne is raising money for ipod nanos for PP for the women who are currently being verbally tortured before they're permitted the right to exercise dominion over their own bodies. We shouldn't have to go through this to own our bodies; those women should not have to listen to this to be allowed--to be allowed, not entitled by virtue of the fact they were born in that flesh and bone, not practicing natural ownership of themselves, to be allowed--to get an abortion.

The goal has been met, but Syne is contacting other clinics. She has also linked to several resources for those who would like to contribute in other ways.

This has been a very bad week for the most part, so I didn't get a chance to say this earlier to Syne, but thank you. My state is actively, personally destroying women's lives. One hundred and thirty thousand women were affected by the defunding of WHP. The state budget itself was gutted on women's reproductive health care. I'm a public servant for a state that is committing an atrocity, openly, happily, righteously, against women, and I'll be honest, I'm not dealing with this well and I do not see a time in the near future that I will be.

So you know, if you have feelings about women's bodies, they better start with the word absolute autonomy. I live in the state that is fucking women over actively right now. I will not deal with people doing it with words here as well.

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Sometimes they just can't help themselves. The stupid just takes over.


Nods firmly, 'Rawwwrrr!' Darn straight. -SB

I don't know how the politics/legalities of this would work - but is there any way to overturn the legislature at this point? Would that be happening soon?

The conservatives where I live are making noises, but Texas (and the US on the whole) have it way worse. D:

*hugs* I love so many things about Austin now that I live here, but I hate so many things about the politicians of my adopted state--my home state of KY isn't much better, but Texas really took the leap forward into "it'd be great if we could run this state like Taliban-controlled Afghanistan."

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fuck whoever that was; pox rot their festering arse!!

fuck Texas, too. even here in california it's getting bad; my sis lives in Oklahoma and it's even worse there -- OK never had womens' health funding to lose, as far as I can tell.

what the fuck has happened to this country?

ps, let us know who ya need killed, how many pieces, and where would ye like the remains delivered?

And this is why I've said as soon as I get my uterus-ectomy, I'm boxing it up and sending it to congress. They can have it. Leave the ones that reside in people's bodies alone.


Sorry, you have had to deal with...everything to do with this.

We had never donated to PP before but after all the crap that has been hitting the fan - what is the country coming to???? - we've been donating pretty steadily. It's like the idiots in the states and federal levels have decided that the Taliban really the way to go.

I can't decide if this is the last gasp of the dinosaurs before extinction or a new wind that will change our course for generations.

hell yes that is accurate.

It is utterly insane, the way the legislatures of this country are acting. It's like they want to go back to the 50s where we are all happy little housewives popping out babies at regular intervals. Is this their way to take care of the job shortage, by removing women from the work force and giving the jobs to men? Or are they feeling so powerless that they feel like they have to push women around?

Man, if I weren't on a fixed income right now I would support the hell out of this. Damn anti-women movement. D:

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