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podfic: crimes against humanity, read by reena-jenkins
children of dune - leto 1
Podfics of Crimes Against Humanity and A History of Violence read by [personal profile] reena_jenkins. That's like--seven hours of reading. Dear God.

Anyway, happy. But also this. Here are the warnings for the podfic:

A Note Of Warning: This is A Dark Universe. As such, the following warnings apply to the first story specifically, as well as the series as a whole: dark themes, violence, bloodshed, knifeplay, torture, implied rape (offscreen), non-consent and dubious consent issues, drug addiction, drug withdrawal, power hierarchy and imbalance (in both sexual and non-sexual situations), prison, medical experimentation without ethics, murder, mayhem, assassination, explosions, brainwashing, piracy, verbal and physical abuse, political uprising, self-harm, situationally-aggravated insanity, voyeurism, exhibitionism, possessive behaviors, and canon-AU.

For the record, if any fic showed up anywhere with these warnings, I would avoid the hell out of it. There's something really deeply hilarious about that, because this part of me just wants to explain like "But it was only indirect torture" and "But you never directly see what Carson is doing with those people!" and "One finger, okay, he has nine more." Which isn't--really a defense.

All warnings apply for all parts pretty much constantly, and I'm still bracing myself to try the verbal medium with this one.

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For the record, that warning is gorgeous. And absolutely terrifying.

That warning is amazing. Ironically, this fic kept me sane the first time my in-laws came to visit for over a week. I kept sneaking back to our office and reading one part at a time as a reward for not having a total meltdown.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, God, I realized in my SGA-reading period I've never went out of my simple lurker phase to tell you how much I appreciate this story (even though this kind of dark universe is not really my cup of tea). But your worldbuilding is so convincing, engrossing, suggestive; your characters are so real, their development is so logically motivated, every piece of the puzzle falls where it should be - I've read 'Crimes'so many times and I always found there something new. Thank you for being a great writer.
I'm very glad I'll rediscover it after years thanks to reena.


Dear Seperis,

Crimes Against Humanity is excellent story/series.

So is there any hope that you would continue it?

I don't often like Sheppard/McKay stories. I have seriously low embarrassment threshold, and considering how inherently embarrassing whole DADT thing was, and unprofessional behavior still is that's a difficult pairing. But in your CAH- AU one thing I definately don't need to worry about is embarrassement.

Also you are very skilled writer. In this story worldbuilding, action, plot and characterization are excellent. I like very much the violence, action scenes, Sheppard's lethality, interpersonal relationships, strenght of emotions, and hot sex.

Thank you for writing and sharing it.

- si_zilla

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