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i need to stop listening to losing your memory; there is no crying in testing

I have to admit, the recent spamming of DW has been weirdly mesmerizing, with at least two times receiving what could have been a semi-relevant comment if the subject line wasn't random letters both lowercase and capital.

Truth--it's been a very long time since I received interesting spam, and yes, in a perfect world, we would be spam free, but work with me here, if there's some mystical burden of required spam that is our sacrifice to the tech gods, would it kill them to make it interesting or at least, not hideously boring that even the subject line breaks my heart? Once upon a time, I had both British housewife heiresses and Nigerian princes offering me money if I sent them money first for Obscure Banking Reasons We Know Not.

This is annoying, yes, but there's a kind of wistfulness to it, and is it just me, or are these comments from other people's LJs? I'm actually most weirded out that some felt rather like an AI was responding to my entry after a terrible mistranslation or something.


Name: Castiel
Brand: Asus Transformer
Model: TF101-B1
Mini HDMI, microphone, camera, micro sd (>= 32 GB size)

So far, my only real complaint is the adapter overheating problem, which I experienced on Saturday night. Apparently there's a thermal switch inside and cuts off when it overheats, and the USB cord that connects to the adapter is 3.0, so it doesn't work with any other in the house and believe me, I looked and tested everything that could conduct electricity short of a potato in water. Luckily, after some googling, I took the simple solution and tossed the adapter in the freeze for an hour. Voila - working adapter. It does not charge off your laptop with ICS in place, so its' adapter or nothing. Recommended: get to a full charge and unplug the adapter immediately after to cool it down, or wrap it up in something scientific and drop it in liquid nitrogen during charging. I can assure you, it gets as hot as my laptop battery and that is awfully hot.

I am not deeply in love with its aesthetics, but the slightly rough texture of the back does mean it's hard for me to drop it, and I'm a champion dropper of important and/or fragile things when given the least opportunity. I also can't use it to connect directly to Calibre to sync fic up, so I used the simple solution of loading it from window instead. I can't figure out for the life of me what Calibre is up to with that. It looks like it's picking it up as a phone and all the folders are invalid, but dude, I've been loading up Arthur the phone and Sheldon the Kindle and Benton Fraser the Kindle with no problems.

You will need to invest in serious screen wipes because this thing attracts oil, or go the protector route.

Now, for the higher perks; for it's size, it's very light, but not one hander by sheer shape. There's also the bevel around the screen of about an inch wide that seems excessive, but it's pretty much magic so as to easily pick up and carry your tablet around without moving things on your screen.

I bought Quickoffice Pro so I could integrate with Microsoft Office. It integrates very well with dropbox, and my documents when I open them in it are very editable. I also grabbed Amazon app store, which has to be installed in a very specific way, so there will be clicking an email involved. aVia is a media player that interestingly enough picks up my mediatomb server, but access from ES Explorer to any computer in the house works fine for picking up or moving things to it. What I cant' find is an universal media player; the VCL I picked up doesn't work like that, which means I need to find the version that does. A random assortment of my mp4s just don't play for no discernible reason, and flvs are hopeless.

To test processing under pressure, most of the weekend it ran while playing music and video to see how that went. At full charge, the battery is an unsettling six to eight hours (company says nine, but I wonder what they mean by normal use, too); music cut into that somewhat, but I think the floor number running music, Quickoffice, and multitab browser was near 4 or 4 1/2 hours and possibly higher than that. The slowest access was to the sd micro slot (16 GB), but even that wasn't exactly what anyone would notice except me, who had did a manual time using my clock because I was curious. Moving a lot of files from the micro sd to the hard drive will take a while and freeze the ES File Explorer if you aren't careful; just don't try to move 1 GB of files all at once from sd card to tablet.

I haven't tried a burn in to see what its thresholds are, since really, no, but on a guess from the specs, I'm pretty sure you can actually burn out your tablet before hitting the processor's freeze point. The 32 GB hard drive is SSD; I mean, in theory, enough apps running will slow it down, but I'm curious what 'enough apps' would entail.

I completely recommend the dock. It extends battery life to tested at 15 hours (give or take fifteenish minutes), it's netbook size but not too bad for typing, and it adds two USB ports and a regular SD card slot. It's just super convenient as a stand or as a rather expensive tablet protector when you are paranoid but still know that sleeping with it won't end well for anyone. It slides in and out of dock with minimum fuss, and for me it stabilizes my tablet so I can listen to music on it while working.

However; the touchscreen does not like being confused. I made it super upset while editing an MSDoc just because I could and nearly froze the program up. I'm still working on scroll/zoom by finger, since it's boring and tedious and there's got to be a way to jump around.

Firefox app is dreadful; do not pass go. I'm still using the browser that came with it while I mutter about betrayal, because that sync function would be awesome. Adjusting the browser was, for me, the most irritating part, since I'm used to just installing no squint and going on my merry way. So it was a combination of text size + zoom + fit to screen to get it to look right, but then it looks right everywhere, so whatever.

Keep in mind this is an Android; it's your duty as a geek to configure this thing to hell. It wants that. It's asking for it really hard. The defaults are okay, but keep in mind that while all Androids are of Android, every one of the companies using it add their own specialness and it can be annoying. If you've never used Android before, don't worry; I have a phone, a Kindle Fire, and my Asus Tablet and used to have netbook load and the only resemblance was the little green guy peering at me wistfully from the corner. If your first Android was a Kindle Fire, it is nothing like that at all except in file structure under the hood, maybe.

More when I've had more app time with it. Honestly, I get the general feeling it's your app choices that are going to decide your future on this as far as utilities; this is easy to use, fast, convenient, and kind of adorable.

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