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intro: castiel the tablet

My Asus Transformer tablet came today, so basically I've been, you know, getting to know it, letting it meet the family of electronics it belongs to, easing it through its transition stage. Also have the dock for it, which when docked on its wee keyboard is netbook sized, and immediately bought Quickoffice Pro, as a lot of the reason I wanted it was for work. And for other stuff, but dear God, I am excited to clear out years of notebooks and put the files on a card already.

So far, happy.

For the record, my electronics naming officially covers about six fandoms; Sherlock, Watson, Charles, Arthur, Benton Fraser, Sheldon, and Castiel. More recently, I've started naming my hard drives, which honestly sounds weird until you realize I like to yell at them encouragingly, and yelling DRIVE C or UUID 035e8a97-130p-4ead-b6x9-3df543b0e6b4 is really odd and also, a lot of syllables.

Happy. It is a good tablet. Will review when I'm, you know, able to talk about it without helplessly wondering how it can be so perfect.

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