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movie: snow white and the huntsman
children of dune - leto 1
Snow White And the Huntsman - five minute extended trailer. No lie, I am watching the hell out of this on midnight opening. There are swords and fighting and Thor (okay, not Thor) and Bella (yes, shut up, I know) and an epic war. And possibly that is a unicorn, right? I don't actually require this to make sense, though strangely, I'm seeing weird signs this may be actually be good, but swords. And Thor--I don't care, he's always Thor to me--does things with an axe that make me really uncomfortable about myself on a fundamental level if had any kind of personal insight; thank God I don't care.


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I KNOW. I saw the preview for it Friday when we went to see the Hunger Games and BWEEEEEEE was an accurate description of the sound I made.
I think Kristin Stewart can actually ACT; her role in Twilight was to be passive and wistful and mopey.

I was afraid when I first heard about this movie coming out (huge fan of fairytales!!!). Then I saw the first scenes and ...well it pushed all my buttons! So excited! Great creatures including a unicorn... dark and scary forests...fantastic sets and ...Thor...I mean the huntsman who alone I'd watch this for.
Charlize Theron looks to die for and even Kristen Stewart seems to do a very good job as far as I can see it (I'm not much of a Twighlight fan, either books or movies. But that's just my opinion. I know a lot of people who adore it). And she looks the part although it's difficult to go against Charlize Theron who, I might have mentioned it, looks awesome!!! :-)

Wish I could go with you to see Thor, but alas, the travel. It actually looks like it might be good. But isn't this the second Snow White remake this year? What's up with that?

Oh maaaaan, this looks like it's gonna be good! :-D

Oh, good, I'm glad it isn't just me that has an inappropriate thing about sharp edged violence. :)

(Also, films like 'Legend', 'Ladyhawke' and 'Dark Crystal' were an integral part of my childhood - I prefer my Fae a little more Del Toro than Disney.)

Anytime there's a movie with a fierce lady who can kill all the things, I generally will watch it. I think KStew looks great here and it's probably because she really had nothing to do in Twilight. I don't think any actor could have saved the Twilight script.

OMG! Girls in armour! GIRLS! IN ARMOUR!

I've never really paid all that much attention to her before, but Charlize Theron is hitting each and every one of my Hot Lady Villain kinks. Like, ALL OF THEM. ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

My pants have been hitting the floor everytime I watch the trailers.

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