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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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just for information here
children of dune - leto 1
So this is awkward, but there's a certain word count at which I have to admit I'm actually writing something that may one day be a story. I passed that, so I need to ask, nicely, if anyone would be interested in reading through for me. It's currently at 60K, and I estimate it'll be around 120K before I'm done, the fandom is Supernatural. Please email if you have time. I do not promise this is like, good, but I promise there are many words and they fit into sentences pretty much constantly. Email at seperis at gmail.com or I'm online, whichever, and thank you in advance.

In what I meant to post here before I suddenly realized I was writing again like, for keeps, Child and Sister's Ex-Husband #1's son got thrown out of a movie theater after trying to sneak into an R movie. This is because they didn't take my advice. So I was right, and I win forever. Sort of.

This is terrible parenting, but I'm not sure on what level.

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SACRILEGE. Rumors say Castiel is a love interest. *throws hands over eyes*

Just kidding! You know I will read anything you write, especially apoc fic. Can't proofread right now (big project upcoming),but do look forward to it.

I have to say that your parenting stories fill me with joy.

My parents, while lovely parents, were very conservative/traditional in their interactions with me and this gives me hope that I will be more creative in my torture modern in my own parenting.

heee, what was your advice? curious ex-theater-sneakers wanna know!

I always enjoy your writing, but have seen Supernatural a grand total of twice, so I dunno as I'd be very useful. lemme know though -- if no-one comes forth, holla!

Happy to assist if you still need someone.

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