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Because I'm in a serious orgy of Getting Things Done. This means I may, finally, start working on finishing up linking all my stories to the stylesheet.

Or you know, not. *grins* This is more fun.

So. Still Skin is up on my webpage. And next up is another recs update, since I scoured my bookmarks to start damn well finding this fic instead of just mooning about it all the time when I can't find it.

And by the way? Misery is only remembering single lines and using google to find the story attached. You have *no* idea of the horror I've seen. And I *still* can't find this one QaF one, dammit. *grr*


Fic From Five Fandoms I've Never Belonged To

Harry Potter

Better Than This by Victoria P - Vic's changed since I met her in X-Men. She used to complain that she felt that her work didn't have the right emotional resonance, didn't quite *hit* right. Okay, she was on *crack*, but we love her anyway, because if she ever believed it, she certainly can't now.

I love her Sirius/Remus. Just do. She has a feel for these characters that makes me feel it, too, and I get lost in how she writes them, apart and together. Slow, rich, quiet love-forever, two men who've done everything, been hurt by everything, including themselves. Including each other. But when they're together, those things stop mattering.

Everything really stops mattering but what they can be together. And it's beautiful.

Lustre by Julad - I'm kind of bitter about this one, since, one, it actually made me *get* the entire Draco/Harry Endless Freaking Love of the Ages thing on which what, there are a quarter billion stories? Yeah. I'm trying to remember how I found it--possibly while trolling through Julad's site looking for magically hidden SV stories--shut up, she could be hiding them!--and okay, I read the summary, thought of isilya, and said, hmm. Okay. I can do this.

I pretty much blame this one for the fact I had dreams two nights running of Harry and Draco wandering around naked in an invisiblity cloak trying to get away from classmates who keep trying to take pictures of them while making out every time they thought they found somewhere to hide.

Yep. One of *those* dreams.

But anyway. It's funny, and cute, and I can see this Draco and this Harry. I mean, *really* see this Harry, especially post-OotP, where I finally started liking the little bugger way too much. What makes me like it best is the sheer seamlessness of story to characters in the book--I bought it, hook, line, and sinker.


Half a World Away by Jane St. Clair - Waayy back in the days I wrote nothing but Paris/Torres, tried to get Seven naked a lot, and toyed with the concept of slash, which scared me to bits, I ran across Jane's Sleepers (with Feet), one of the loveliest Paris/Torres stories in history. Katie Redshoes in Trek once said that Jane's stories always seemed to come from a slight angle that you don't entirely expect, and she was right.

It's Scully and it's Krycek, and it's a rescue of a kind and they're really not sure why.

Considering I know nothing of the fandom, only watched the show, take with a grain of salt that I really, really loved Scully like this. Almost but never quite broken, and Mulder there even though he's not, for both of them. And the style is beautiful. I re-read every so often just to wallow in how damned *good* this is.

It could have been canon. Damn well *should* have been canon.

Cruel and Unusual by Jane St. Clair - the differences between Jane and other writers is that she can *change* her characters and still keep them the same. This Scully is a world away from the one above, but the pieces are all still the same--bitter and harder and somehow colder, but still Scully in all the ways that matter. It's another rescue, for another reason, but they don't even know why. It's absolutely gorgeous.

See, this kind of thing, at a formative time in my fandom development, could have seriously led me down the path of Krycek/anyone OTPing.

Iolokus by Mustang Sally and RivkaT

A million years ago, during long hours writing X-Men fic and pondering the Endless Freaking Forbidden Passion of Logan and Rogue with religious fevor, Madelyn sent me their Buffyfic and made me swear on the lives of my unborn stories to read Iolokus one day, and there's a story involved in how I fell into the Buffyfic, but that's for later. Of course, I promptly ignored her, and of course, then everywhere I went, the stupid story kept *popping up*.

I'm contrary, but not stupid. Just really, really slow. A year later, I ran across it by chance (sort of), did a save as on all parts, and set myself to read it, remembering Jane St. Clair fondly.


seemag says this story was one of the ones that scarred her--I can see why. Intense, powerful plotting, massive, rich character arcs, deep love and mistrust and everything that goes along with it, Scully and Mulder just stumble through and keep their heads above water as best they could. I love stories that explore what goes on in Scully's head after all she's been through.

And no one else, living or dead, could possibly, *possibly*, made babyfic so damn sexy.

This is like The Weekend Read, where you hole up with your computer, some coffee, and don't come out until Sunday night, bleary, shocky, and absolutely entranced.


The Traitor, the Witch, and the Lovers by Katie Vieceli - I've seen this on so many rec pages it's unreal--I found it on Kate Bolin's, I think, and it seems to get one of two very intense reactions. I got the one where I closed it down and had really bizarre dreams after, and it followed me around for a bit (read: weeks).

I'm religious enough to read Narnia as a Christian fable and fanfic writer enough to appreciate how beautiful it is to fuck up canon. Katie doesn't lose any of the religious overtones--they're what raise the story from just fanfic to something that approaches art. It's cruel and disturbing and mercilessly dark and bizarrely hopeful.

Though even to myself, I can't explain *where* the feeling of hope comes from.

"It's cold here..." he said slowly. "It's dark."

"Oh, love, my poor little fool, it's always dark when your heart is black. Always cold when your soul is gone."

Another *really* good example of what AU fic is all about.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Bowiehabarata by MustangSally and RivkaT

This has a funny story attached. I'll tell it again, because it amuses me.

Back in the Olden Days of Yore, when I was writing het and was singularly Fandom Monogamous, there was this Person (madelyn) who decided I needed to be expanded in my reading tastes.

M: You have to read this!

J: *bored* What?

M: Buffyfic!

J: I don't read Buffyfic.

M: You'll read this one.

J: No I won't.

M: Here's a link.

J: I'm so not clicking on that.

M: Yes you will.

J: I'm ignoring it *right now*.

M: You're a dork.

J: Write me something?

Okay, so I didn't say it was witty.

So. I drag myself out of bed one Saturday morning, go to my email, and wow, this one email took a *long* time. And longer. An ice age passed, a few universes collapsed, and lo and behold, I looked at the email addy and thought, oh damn.

Because the girl *SENT* me The Heart's Filthy Lesson.

There are maybe three surefire ways to get my undivided attention. Clogging up my email is one of them. I opened it up, because that's what you *do* with email, and said, I'm not reading this.

Late Saturday night, I got on AIM.

J: I hate you.

M: You liked it?

J: I *hate* you.

M: I like chocolate as thanks.

I pretty much blame this for the fact I cried my eyes out on AIM with Madelyn after watching The Gift.

Spike and Buffy never appealed to me. Ever. In any universe under the sun. I mean, it was like the anti-appeal, because I started Buffy/Angel and when I OTP, I never *stop*.

But you know, you can totally double OTP. Yes, you can. TTP. And that looks bad.

Anyway, to explain why I love the story.

It's Spike, the way he was on the show (they anticipated a lot of canon with disturbing accuracy) and the way he could be. They do plot like no one's business, it blows my mind how *well* they do plot, and it's rich and textured and there's so *damn much*. Another All Weekend Read, but this time, take extra supplies.

It's beautiful and I re-read all four whenever possible. Though Serious Moonlight, like Historical Fiction but completley not, just takes my breath away. It's romance without being Romance.

X-Men, comicverse

Throw My Head Away by Alestar - Te recced the work and where Te goes, I tend to follow, because that's what I *do*, and man, she was right. I love Bobby here--confused and fighting it hard and still kind of confused but maybe not quite so much.

Fic From Two Fandoms I Do


Best Seats by Tammy - will do summary after below.

[*edited from here -- TAKE TWO....]

Healing Hands by Severina - Awww. Baseball! Nothing says, let's have a flashback like taking Justin to the ballpark. And you'd *think* Debbie'd guess this. But that's later. First, there's Brian, who is way too hot to be here and considers this fact often, and Justin, who is just scarily adorable. And how image isn't everything anymore. It's sweet and fun. I likes.

[* here, 2:50 PM, thanks to wrenlet, who is wonderful. See comment by same.]

Name Your Wish by JustVisiting - okay, in several ways, this didn't work for me for the first three reads, then it did, but not the ending, and then it worked completely and I was okay. I love this version of season two, where everyone started remembering to *think* and Justin doesn't let his spine melt into the floor.

Because this--*this*--is logical. And this is good. And this is what I wish had happened.

Minutia by Rube - it's little things all around them. The style's almost dreamy, and you can feel Brian in every word. And I really hope I got the author's name right, because damned if I could actually find it on the page. But love it, yes. It's all these little things that make the big things seem less important.

Star Trek Voyager

Sleepers (With Feet) by Jane St. Clair - speaking as someone who hasn't even glanced at her former fandom seriously for so very long, this one I still re-read when I need the reminder of why I loved this pairing. There's a dark kind of sweetness in it, all hidden in dusty corners of the ship where they play, and why they're in love with each other isn't important, because they simply are. It's quiet, and sweet, and it aches beautifully.

I feel oh so productive today. *happy sigh*


julad is having a bad effect on me.

I'm just being myself, chatting, thinking nothing in particular. No, really. Nothing. And trying to make Justin get up out of bed when he's all hurty, and God, he's a whiney brat sometimes, but then somehow, we're talking about *Michael*. And *Brian*. And somehow, those two separate sentences became one scary, scary sentence of doom. Scary, scary, scary sentence of doom.

Sentence of Doom.


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