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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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in case this was up for debate or anything
children of dune - leto 1

On March 14, 2012, Texas will effectively strip one hundred and thirty thousand (130,000) women of baseline health coverage with the end of the Women's Health Program. This is after the October's slash and burn that stripped 2/3 of the budget devoted to women's health. The federal Title X is barely hobbling, and I'm not sure, but I think we had a woman called a slut on national radio and told she should broadcast her sex life publicly if she wants subsidized birth control.

I wouldn't characterize this as a war on women. This is more what I think we'd call a 'rout'. In fact, hands up, on a glance, I think we're tragically unaware we have already lost.

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It's honestly shocking to me how this keeps happening and happening and happening.

I read through something like sixteen articles from Texas papers about this today. I mean, I'm waiting for someone to question that pesky suffrage issue now.

I had a fury meltdown last night. In Virginia, the governor signed state-sanctioned rape into law yesterday. In Georgia, state-employed women can't get contraceptive coverage or abortion coverage even in the case of rape. In Arizona, it's okay for doctors to lie to women if they think the truth will contribute to their decision to get abortions. In New Hampshire, the House just approved "conscience policies" for reproductive health insurance coverage.


Please God, let this be the last dying breath of those suppurating wounds on the butt of society, the white male Republican.



WHAT. I don't even...HOW IS THIS SHIT REAL. I mean. For fucks sake. All that just hit my insta-rage button like WOAH.

awesome posters, sent the link to some folks as will enjoy it. thanks!!

these fuckheads aren't just an embarrassment to mah gender, they're an embarrassment to our fucking *species*.

fuck these cave trolls, and fuck the prehistoric sheepherders whose mores they represent. may all their genitive organs rot and fall off. painfully, with extreme prejudice.

I hereby apologize for the assholes among us.

Yeah, I was stunned that the state I live in - where I work and pay taxes - now won't cover contraceptives for me & the women working alongside me. Cause heaven knows it will be cheaper to pay for extra pregnancies and family leave time for all these women, not to mention our subsidized day-care. Which we need because we state workers haven't had a raise in 5 years.

I'm so grateful I have never once felt that way.

The women are going to have to rise up and take over - although some of those bills were suggested by women (what woman would ever do that to another woman is beyond me).

*sighs* It just makes the short story that amand_r wrote, seem even closer to coming true.


I have no words. Oh heavens. *sigh*


In a way I think this is what happens when people take things for granted. And there is a certain element of taking-for-granted that has gone on. Women need to rise up and fight because we have to realise that those who oppose us will do pretty much anything they have to in order to return things to 'the way they were'.

Re: you inspired me

In case you didn't know, I read your post several times. It helped. Thank you for writing it.

I hate the idea of a smart gal like you despairing.

Re: you inspired me

*hugs you* I bookmarked it for this week, since testing starts and WHP ends. I figure re-reading will be required.

I'm still interest in interviewing you as an author of note, you know.

What I want to know is who are all these women who, in Rush Limbaugh's words, are having so much sex that they need to have someone else pay for their contraceptives (because, yeah, we all know that you have to take more pills if you're having more sex, right? *rolling eyeballs*) - who are we having this sex with? Wouldn't that be men? And wouldn't you think that responsible men would want to have the women they love covered by health care, so they don't have unexpected pregnancies? So that these men don't have to support kids that they can't afford? Are these women having sex in a vacuum (or perhaps WITH their vacuums) so that these men can afford to get all holier-than-thou and say they shouldn't need anything but the rhythm method? I see all these guys preaching abstinence to women, probably looking at their daughters and saying "not till you're married, young lady! and then only if you are lying on your back, thinking about God, and making babies!" - are they preaching the same thing to their sons? Are they practicing abstinence themselves?

And how many of them have prescriptions for Viagra? Which - hey, they don't need! Because surely if they need Viagra, they are too old to be making babies, and that's the only reason to have sex, right?

Women should go on strike - no sex for any men anywhere until funding is restored and the laws are changed.

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